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This report documents the activities and outcomes of the committee responsible for reviewing and revising the Bicol University (BU) Student Handbook 2019. The committee aimed to update the existing handbook, promote coherence, and ensure inclusivity in the target deliverables. The revised handbook is intended to cater to the evolving circumstances within the university.

The committee consisted of representatives from various university departments and stakeholders, including faculty, administrative staff, and relevant experts. To maximize efficiency and productivity, the committee decided to convene physically in one place, allowing for real-time discussions and immediate resolutions.

  • Jocelyn E. Serrano, BUCS
  • Daves L. Tonga, OSAS
  • Daryl B. Alfante-Redoblado, LAO
  • Hennie P. Lomibao, Admissions Office
  • Ramesis M. Lorino, URO
  • Glenda Aurora S. Julianda, ULS
  • Rosebe M. Nacion- Lauraya, BAO
  • Ana Linda G. Marcellana, USWS
  • Jazzlyn T. Imperial, ISPSD
  • Michael A. Alagaban, USDP
  • Jeanne Marie M. Morcoso- Llana, UHS
  • Erwin Madraso, SSO
  • Tania L. Añonuevo, CSASC
  • Julius Caesar Martinez, UIC
  • Remee Esteffany Baldorado, USC Chair
  • Joseph L. Bartolata, BUCL
  • Ofelia M. Samar – Sy, BUCM
  • Sharlene A. Lucillo, DMD
  • Leonila B. Barbacena, IQA
  • Ma. Julieta B. Borres, VPAA

      Secretariat Staff:

  • Mheljor A. General
  • Jayrah B. Riñon
  • Erwin N. Bañares
  • Jean Kimberly B. Moralejo

August 7, 2023, Day 1 (Monday)

Today marked the commencement of the Bicol University Student Handbook Revision event, where the committee, composed of representatives from diverse university departments and stakeholders, gathered to initiate the process of updating and revising the existing BU Student Handbook 2019.


  1. The committee conducted a thorough review of the existing BU Student Handbook 2019. During this session, members highlighted outdated policies, sections needing clarification, and areas requiring updates to reflect the current university environment.
  2. Following the review, the committee identified key areas that required revision to align the handbook with the present needs and challenges faced by the students. This involved discussing various suggestions and feedback from the members.
  3. Through open discussions, the committee engaged in brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for new policies, guidelines, and provisions that could be incorporated into the revised handbook.
  4. The committee also defined inclusivity measures, recognizing the importance of inclusivity. They explored ways to ensure that the revised handbook would cater to the diverse needs of the student body. This involved discussions on accessibility, gender sensitivity, and accommodating the needs of students from various backgrounds.

Day 1 of the 2023 Revision of the Bicol University Student Handbook proved to be a productive and collaborative start. The committee successfully initiated the revision process, engaging in insightful discussions and brainstorming sessions to ensure the handbook’s relevance and inclusivity. Moving forward, the committee looked forward to working together to develop a comprehensive and student-centric revised handbook that would better serve the Bicol University community.


August 8 2023, Day 2 (Tuesday)

            The Bicol University Student Handbook Revision event continued into its second day, building upon Day 1’s progress. The committee, with representatives from diverse university departments and stakeholders, remained focused on updating and revising the existing BU Student Handbook 2019.


  1. The committee carried forward the review process, diligently refining the suggestions and revisions put forth on Day 1 to ensure alignment with the handbook’s overarching objectives.
  2. Discussions concentrated on formulating comprehensive guidelines for shifting and transferring students between different programs. The committee meticulously examined the intricacies of these policies, aiming to establish clear, equitable procedures for students seeking program changes.
  3. The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres and Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata, whose insightful contributions further enriched the discussions and refinement process.
  4. The committee maintained its dedication to inclusivity, continuing to explore avenues that would guarantee the revised handbook effectively met the diverse needs of the student body. These considerations encompassed accessibility, gender sensitivity, and the representation of varying backgrounds.
  5. The momentum of brainstorming sessions persisted, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Fresh ideas for novel policies, guidelines, and provisions were generated, all aimed at elevating the overall student experience within Bicol University.
  6. Building upon the roadmap established on Day 1, the committee collectively outlined specific milestones that would guide their progress as they moved forward. This strategic planning ensured a streamlined and efficient revision process.
  7. As the event approached its conclusion, esteemed guests took the opportunity to deliver their final messages to the committee. Dean Jocelyn E. Serrano underscored the significance of collaboration and the shared responsibility of crafting a handbook that authentically addressed students’ needs. Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata lauded the committee’s meticulous approach, emphasizing that the revised handbook would stand as a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence. Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres expressed unwavering confidence in the committee’s capability to positively impact the student experience through this significant revision process.

Moreover, an interlude in the proceedings saw the committee recognizing the diligent efforts of its members. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to commend their unwavering dedication to the handbook revision project.

Day 2 of the 2023 Revision of the Bicol University Student Handbook showcased the committee’s relentless dedication. They refined suggestions, deliberated guidelines for student shifts, and sustained inclusivity discussions. Esteemed guests Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres and Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata’s insights enriched proceedings. Brainstorming sessions generated innovative ideas, while strategic milestones were set. The day closed with impactful messages and certificates of appreciation. The committee’s commitment and collaborative spirit are propelling them toward a comprehensive, student-centric handbook reflective of Bicol University’s pursuit of excellence.


The collaborative efforts of Days 1 and 2 during the 2023 Revision of the Bicol University Student Handbook event have propelled the committee closer to its goal of a comprehensive and student-centric handbook. Discussions included updating policies, addressing transfer guidelines, and promoting inclusivity measures. Esteemed guests, including Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres, Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata, and Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin D. Nebres III, provided invaluable insights. These productive days, marked by collaboration and innovation, set the course for a handbook that aligns with the evolving needs of the Bicol University community.


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