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Alumni Stories

6 CENG alumni among top 10 on 2021 Chemical Technician Licensure Exams

September 20, 2022

Six alumni from the College of Engineering were among the top ten candidates on the October 2021 Chemical Technician Licensure Examinations.

A total of 77 licensed Chemical Technicians were produced by the university from CENG, College of Science, and Polangui Campus achieving an 84.62% passing rate over an 81.42% national passing rate.

The six alumni are Marina A. Loveranes (4th Placer), April Joy A. Zulieta (5th Placer), Anabelle O. Laynesa (6th Place), Kimberly Matedios (8th Place), Harold B. Bigay, and Lisette T. Catangui (9th Placers).

CS produces 11 on Chemists

Meanwhile, 11 licensed chemists from the College of Science passed with a 32.35% passing rate over a 36.31% national passing rate.

BU excels on Chemical Technician Exams for 3 years

Last 2019, 109 Chemical Technicians achieving a 32.61% passing rate with three top placers and 16 Chemists achieving an 86.88% passing rate with one placer was recorded from Bicol University.

But on 2018, BU earned the 4th Top Performing School on the Chemical Technician Licensure Examination achieving a 97.7% passing rate that produced 87 passers. On the other hand, seven alumni were among the top 10 of the examination. (written by: Arnold Noda)