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63 Department Chairpersons participate in BU’s Workshop on Futures Thinking and Foresight

September 28, 2023

Sixty-three Department Chairpersons of Bicol University participated in a workshop dubbed as Pag-guiya from September 27-29, 2023 at Gamboa’s Orchard, Malilipot, Albay. Organized by the BU Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight Committee, headed by Dr. Samuel C. Bobiles, the workshop aims to capacitate the chairpersons on futures thinking and foresight.

SUC President IV Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin D. Nebres III in his message, challenged the Department Chairpersons to aspire in creating good impressions for BU as it will always reap rewards in the future. He also emphasized the need to look back, n take into account the present and how it is connected to the past, in order to shape the future for Bicol University.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bobiles explained the context of the workshop. “The Department is the smallest unit in the university with the critical role in envisioning the university’s relevance in the next 30 years in terms of program offerings and addressing societal challenges. The Department Chairpersons set the mindset for their department’s existence in the future,” Bobiles said.

Workshop topics include identifying focal concerns, environmental scanning, sense making, scenario building, and developing strategies. Workshops followed each lecture session. The workshop integrated the orientation on the concept and application of foresight and futures thinking; while identifying strategies for the application of such concepts by colleges and units; and drafting a blueprint for their office’s future directions in the next 30 years considering the BU Vision and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). | by Dr. Samuel C. Bobiles; edited by R.E.Bautista

📷 Dr. Samuel C. Bobiles