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AACCUP visits BU for accreditation survey of six academic programs

September 20, 2022

Friday October 25,2019

Sixteen (16) accreditors from the Accredited Agency of Chartered Colleges and University of the Philippines (AACCUP) visited Bicol University from October 21 to 23 to conduct their second and third accreditation survey visit for six academic programs at BU’s Main, Daraga, and East Campuses.

On October 21, upon the arrival of the visitors from AACCUP, the group made a courtesy visit to the BU President Dr. Arnulfo Mascariñas at the University President’s Office.

They were later welcomed by the BU family during an opening program held at the BU-FICC Building Amphitheatre in the East Campus. The accreditors, headed by their Overall Coordinator Dr. Marcela T. Caluscosin, met up with top officials, headed by the University President and Vice Presidents.

In his message during the opening program, BU President Dr. Mascariñas mentioned how the accreditation process is part of the university’s way of life, given its continuous drive towards world-class excellence in education.

The AACCUP is an accreditation agency in the Philippines with 111 institutional members and, in 20 years until 2012, has accredited almost 3000 academic programs of higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country. In line with the university’s goal of becoming a world-class HEI, having its programs accredited by AACCUP is the next big step in achieving the said goal.

The opening program also served as a platform for the AACCUP accreditors to be formally introduced to their counterparts in BU, particularly those who were part of the university’s accreditation steering committee and colleges’ accreditation task force. The introduction of the BU officials and committee members was led by the university’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Steering Committee Chairperson Dr. Helen Llenaresas, while the introduction of the AACCUP accreditation team was done by Dr. Caluscosin.

The accreditors were sub-divided into teams assigned to each academic program under review. The programs are the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Automotive Technology and the BS in Electronics Technology in BU College of Industrial Technology (BUCIT), the Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Philosophy in the BU College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), the Master of Arts in Physical Education (MAPE) in the BU Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation (IPESR), the Master in Economics in the BU College of Business, Economics and Management (CBEM), and the Doctor (PhD) in Development Management in the BU Graduate School (BUGS).

For the programs of BS in Automotive Technology, BS in Electronics Technology, and AB in Philosophy, it is the AACCUP’s third survey visit. While, for the APE, Master in Economics, and PhD in Development Management (Areas III and IV), it is the agency’s second accreditation survey visit.

The survey for the BS in Automotive and Electronics Technology programs, the survey was held at BUCIT Dean’s Office in the BU East Campus. For the Master in Economics and PhD in Development Management’s accreditation, the survey was held at the Accreditation Room of the Aquilino P. Bonto Building in the BU Main Campus. The AB in Philosophy’s accreditation survey was held at BU-CSSP in the BU Daraga Campus. While the survey for the MAPE program was held at the BU-IPESR’s Deans Office.

During this four-day accreditation visit, the accreditors assessed the quality and efficiency standard being upheld in the said academic programs across the university’s three campuses in Albay province, particularly in terms of faculty, research, and curriculum.

On October 23, the three-day accreditation survey concluded with a closing program held at the BU-FICC Amphitheatre in the BU East Campus.

The said program began with the opening remarks given by BUGS Dean Dr. Antonio P. Payonga. Afterwards, the accreditors shared the summary of their impressions and comments, based on what they have observed in the university within the past three days.

In turn, BUCIT Dean Dr. Jonathan Arroco, BU-CSSP Dean Atty. Alex Nepomuceno, BU-CBEM Dean Dr. Eddie See, BUGS Dean Dr. Antonio P. Payonga, and BU-IPESR Director Prof. Carina Sales stated their commitment and support for further improvement of the programs in their respective institutions.

To show BU’s gratefulness on the accreditation teams’ hard work, Certificates of Commendation were awarded to the accreditors. The awarding was done by the university’s VPAA Dr. Helen Llenaresas, VPAF Atty. Jospeh Bartolata, and BUGS Dean Dr. Antonio P. Payonga.

The survey visit and the program officially concluded with a message of thanks given by VPAF Atty. Jospeh Bartolata, followed by the singing of the BU Hymn. The opening program and the exit conference including the closing program was facilitated and hosted by the Director for Communication and Public Relations, Dr. Renelyn E. Bautista.