Agency Roadmap

BU's strategic options to achieve its vision:

  • Promoting a Responsive and Efficient Academic Governance
         Organizational re-structuring, rationalization of personnel assignment, strengthening administrative process, and, innovative mechanism to enhance efficiency of services.
  • Enhancing the Resource Endowment of the University
         Consolidation of land resources and secure legal ownership, establishment of S & T Hub and commercialization center; partnership with private sector in developing business potential of land assets; enhancing partnership with alumni; fund endowment and research contracts from public/private sector.
  • Offering Market-Driven and Relevant Academic Program
         Offering of programs responsive to market needs, ASEAN Intergration, and K-12; adoption of alternative learning systems (e.g. OL/DE, ETEEAP, MOOCS, & LMS); accreditation of remaining academic programs; adoption of outcome based education; and establishment of additional COEs/CODs.
  • Strengthening the Foundation for Research, Development, and Extension
         Creation of additional R & D Centers with TG and TD functions; Enrolling BU with scientific career system of DOST; commercialization of research outputs in partnership with private sector; implementation of community development program using home-grown mature technologies; and RD & E policy enhancements and reforms.
  • Developing a Critical Mass of Top Students and Outstanding Faculty
         Provision of scholarship to highly qualified students; other financial support for poor but deserving students; admission of qualified foreign students in BS/undergraduate; support for cutting edge research of students; sandwich program with other top universities in the world; hiring of highly qualified graduates from top HEIs; scholarship for professional and career enhancement of faculty in top HEIs; support for scholarly/IP work of faculty members; faculty exchange program; and adopt “balik -  siyentista” program of CHED and DOST.
  • Upgrading/Modernizing Physical/Infrastructure Facilities
         Improving academic support for students and faculty; enhancing IT capability making BU a wi-fi zone area; improving teaching – learning and research facilities; build/upgrade facilities for students; and construction of climate – proof, and disaster resilient infrastructure facilities.