Incoming Freshmen


All applicants for freshmen admission including honor graduates and recipients of scholarship, public or private are required to take the BUCET.

Eligible to take the BUCET are students who have not taken the test previously and who are either high school senior expecting to graduate at the end of the school year, or have graduated but have not taken or are not taking any college subjects in any academic institution.


 The BUCET covers the following areas:

  1. Non-verbal Reasoning
  2. Filipino
  3. English
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science
  6. Reading Comprehension

The BUCET is usually administered during the semestral break of every school year.

 Selection Procedure

 Applicants for freshmen admission are classified according to their course choices and or campuses. Once applicants' course choices/campuses have been sorted and classified, ranking of applicants is determined. The basis of the computation for the Composite BUCET Rating (CBR) is 20% of the 1st to 3rd year high school average and 80% of their weighted BUCET rating. The following are the criteria to be considered as a qualified applicant in the BUCET.

  1. Applicants' CBR should fall within the university cut off/mean rating.
  2. Applicants CBR should fall with the quota requested by the College Dean/Director.

 In case where an applicant meets criterion one but fails to meet criterion two, s/he is assigned to the qualified but below quota (QBQ) category who are eligible to vie for placement in the desired course, if slots are available.

 Admission of Applicant

 The BUCET Notice of Result is issued by mail to applicants who took the BUCET. Qualified and QBQ applicants receive pertinent information and instructions for registration or enrolment in the college/unit they applied for.