Mode of Payment

All School fees are to be paid in full upon enrolment. However, the student can opt to pay the tuition fees in three-installment basis subject to the approval of the Dean/Director the college/unit upon request.

In case of installment basis, upon enrolment the student will be required to pay fifty percent (50%) upon enrolment, thirty percent (30%) before Mid-Term Examinations and twenty percent (20%) of the tuition fees before the finals.

A student is considered officially enrolled/registered only upon payment of school fees.

Nature of Payment of Fees

The University can accept payment of fees only in cash, postal money orders, telegraphic transfers or cablegrams and, certified cashier's or managers cheque. Personal checks are not acceptable.


Students who have paid their matriculation, tuition and other fees and who withdraw their registration, or are granted honorable dismissal or leave of absence shall be entitled to a refund of such fees except, entrance and matriculation fees, in accordance with the following schedules:

Within one (1) week from the opening of classes - 80% Within the second, third, and fourth weeks from the opening of classes - 50% After the fourth week - No refund, and to pay the full tuition fee

In case of students who register after the opening of classes and withdraw thereafter, the number of days shall be counted from the actual date of registration and the refund shall be in accordance with the aforementioned schedule. In case of death of a student during the semester, tuition fees will be refunded.

Laboratory fees will not be refunded after one (1) week from the opening of classes where voluntary change is made from one course to another. Refund of tuition for a subject may be allowed only in the case of forced dropping of the subject.

Tuition refund privilege is extended to students elected to the USC/CSC, and publication scholars which amount is equivalent to the entitlement of the position elected into or in the editorial staff.

A study grantee or scholar who has paid his tuition and other school fees may be entitled to a full refund only upon request. Request for refund must be addressed to the dean of the college where the grantee/scholar is enrolled and must be filed not later than fourth week from the first day of classes.