Students seeking transfer to the Bicol University are classified as new students. They should submit, one month prior to the scheduled registration, a certification of grades duly signed by the School Registrar, an official transcript of records from each school/college attended and a certificate of honorable dismissal.

A transfer undergraduate student is not required to take the BUCET, instead he may be admitted provided that he has obtained a general weighted average (GWA) of 2.0 or 89 percent or its equivalent, or better for all the collegiate academic units he has earned outside the Bicol University which should not be less than twenty-five and not more than fifty percent of the units required for the course.

Students who seek transfer to the BU College of Nursing are required to take the Nursing Aptitude Test (NAT) administered by the BU Admissions Office before they are admitted as transferees.

A transfer student with credits for college courses should meet the University requirements for transfer students. He may be given advanced credit(s) upon validation of his course/courses.

Internal Transferees

Internal transferees or shifters from one course program to another within the University shall be allowed subject to availability of place/slot in the college/unit they are seeking transfer to. They shall vie for the places/slots along with transferees from outside the University, hence will be required to submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of intent to transfer specifying, among others, the reason for request for transfer;

  2. Certification from the Dean/Director of the availability of slot;

  3. Certification of grades duly signed by the College/Unit Registrar.

When and if needed, the prospective shifter may have to be referred to the University Guidance Office.

Conditions required of transferees from outside the University shall apply to the shifters including the payment of processing fee of Php 100.00.

Transfer Credits

Only course units earned from colleges/universities with the same program accreditation level as Bicol University's or higher will be credited. Transfer credits, however, shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of units required for the course. Moreover, the following must be taken into consideration in awarding transfer credits:

  1. At the discretion of the college dean, a validation examination may be required for subjects with ratings below 2.5 or its equivalent before credits are granted.

  2. The courses or subjects for which the credits are claimed are in the opinion of the College Dean equivalent to the content coverage, or has the same curriculum offered in the college.

  3. The number of units is the same as the units of the equivalent subject in the Bicol University.

  4. The rules on sequences of subjects (prerequisites) in the curriculum are observed. The student will not be allowed to enroll in a subject the prerequisites of which, taken elsewhere, have not been validated or repeated.

All transferees shall be admitted on probation for one semester, within which period, specific conditions set by the college shall be met in addition to the conditions imposed by the University. Special admission ore readmission of students and shall be approved by the President following a thorough evaluation by relevant committees at the college level and the university Level.