BUCN Family, Alumni and Retirees extend gratitude to Alumni Frontliners

In support to the unwavering efforts, value, and heroic deeds of the Alumni frontliners working in the different hospitals in the province of Albay, the BUCN community distributed relief goods as a form of assistance during this time of CoVID 19 pandemic.  This initiative is in collaboration with the College administrators headed by Dean Ma. Bernardita A. Palacio, Prof. Esther Valladolid as the alumni coordinator, faculty, alumni and retirees.  Three waves of distribution of relief packs were conducted to reach the 321 frontliners in Albay.

As the CoVID 19 continue to spike around the world, this is just one act of gratitude to the nurses and other health care workers as they are now considered as the unsung heroes of today. The tireless work, bravery at the frontlines is an inspiration to the community. “BUCN Cares” as what was written in a package given to each Albayano alumni frontliners, these words really mean a lot to them. “Thank you for bringing your help even though we are in the hospital, you did not make us feel that we are alone” frontliner said.

The BU community will continue to pray and will never forget the solemn oath of all frontliners in the face of this adversity.  Indeed, everyone has its way of serving others in these most trying times. (C. Cipcon, BUARO)

BUeño Alumni Response to CoVID 19 Pandemic
Amazing Nightingales Amidst CoVID 19 Pandemic

Nurses play a great role in any patients' lives. Though nursing is a stressful profession, dedication and commitment is deeply rooted in them to help the sick and well clients, regardless of the age, gender, status, creed, religion and nationality  They have expanded roles that benefit the clients or patients. The COVID-19 pandemic is a big challenge for them as frontliners. During this crisis, they continue to work and give the best tender loving care to the clients at the expense of sacrificing their health and quality time with their family.

JANE M. PECSON Batch ‘78

Sandra Martinez-Espinosa Batch ‘92

Carmel “Pinky” Dyangko-Chan Batch ‘92

 It is innate among nightingales to help fellow nurses especially during the times of this notable pandemic situation. This three amazing nightingales and a true BUENO's with different stories contributed a lot during these times of crisis. Their advocacy is to help frontliners in their own way.

Newly retired professor from BUCN, JANE M. PECSON (Batch 1978), president of BUCN Alumni Association lead to succor frontliners . Though she was pre-sympthomatic then and battling with Covid-19, it never stopped her to think of the welfare of the frontliners.  Her concern lead her to initiate this calling to the BUCN alumni to give the vital needs of the frontliners like PPEs, gloves, facemask, face shields, alcohol, vitamins etc.  Generous BUCN alumni from abroad and the Philippines responded to this calling especially Batch'92 Block B namely Nurse Sheila Villaroman, Mylene Mendoza, Jojo Medoza throughTexas Mason and Eleto Dado, Larah Baloloy thru Irvin Sandea and  Sharon Coralde.

Nurse Entrepreneur Sandra Martinez-Espinosa (Batch 1992), a silent worker and philanthropist responded to the needs of the frontliners. Around 300 pcs. of personalized order of PPEs from Manila were donated to the nurses and doctors of Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital. Because of the effort of hardworking healthcare providers, she also treat them with food delivered from McDonalds, Biggs and Sweet Cravings. Nurse Joy Morga of BRTTH facilitated this endeavor of Nurse Sandra. 

A person who can't sit still & do nothing, stay at home for a month and not productive is not her thing. It all started when Nurse Entrepreneur Carmel “Pinky” Dyangko-Chan (Batch 1992) asked her husband, Dr. Joseph Chan about the immediate needs of BRTTH. It was last Mar 23,2020 when she started this advocacy with her artistic friend, Liza Lee-Musca. Two days after, they started making the faceshield for the frontliners. Since all the stores are closed, they find ways to purchase the materials. They asked store owners, who are their friends namely Textile, Silahis Bookstore and Costa to open for them and they did. Pinky said “ I can't  accept NO for an answer. Liza & I find ways.  I know the need to protect our health care frontliners. They need all the help we can give, now more than ever!”

Pinky and Liza's  children involved them in making of the faceshields. According to Pinky, involving them means they are also part of giving and learning to appreciate the value of the frontliners. The meaning of helping. Trial & errors with Pinky's betterhalf as tester for durability, comfortability & ease of use. Former Dean of BUCN ,Dr.Heidi Dyangko, Pinky's mom, her cheerer  gave her moral support all throughout her project.

At first they concentrated on BRTTH. Friends on duty ask her for their assigned areas. A true BUENA's will never forget where she came from that's why she provided BUCN alumni frontliners of private hospitals like DARAGA DOCTORS HOSPITAL,ESTEVEZ MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,LEGASPI CITY HOSPITAL,UST HOSPITAL and TANCHULING HOSPITALS  . Later on, frontliners in grocery stores, checkpoints, barangay officials, BJMP,PNP, public markets and many more were asking already. They got hyped & inspired! With this, they decided to produce more. She simply include a personal note attached to the faceshield to let the benefiaries know how they appreciate their efforts and sacrifices beyond their call of duties and they are with them in this battle.

Pinky is guided with this sayings “Blessed with kind hearted friends who started donating for materials. Angels are everywhere, you just need to ask, be true to what you do & have faith. …Find a reason, you might be in luck & find your silver lining!

Truly these BUCN alumni are beaming with selfless hearts and generosity. They epitomize the BU community being a world-class nurses making themselves  as change agents,  helping Albayanos  in every way they can! (R. Morano, BUCN)