BUGAAI and ARO gather for VMGO and CBL creation

In keeping up with their vision as a dynamic and responsive organization imbued with the ideals of Bicol University's commitment to community development, BU's General Alumni Association Incorporated (BUGAAI) conducted their strategic planning workshop and re-visited their ‘constitution and by-laws' (CBL) last September 01 and 02 in their gathering at the Sun Valley Jaas Resort in Bacacay, Albay.

In the first day of the workshop, the participants were acknowledged by the facilitator Dr. Ramon de Leon, Associate Dean of BU Graduate School (BUGS), after everyone had registered. The welcome remarks were given by the President of Bicol University General Alumni Association, Inc. (BUGAAI). Prof. Edgar S. Barrameda, who explained and elaborated the overview of the activity, including the objective of the activity and what is the expected output.

 According to Prof. Barrameda, the goal is to come up with a ‘vision and mission' and re-visit the CBL of BUGAAI. This was followed by a message from the Director of the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) Dr. Rosana L. Madrona, and then the leveling of expectations from the participants.

All present in the activity participated in the ‘leveling of expectations'. The highlight of their expectations from their co-participant is to be participative, cooperative, respect others view, and to limit unnecessary. For the facilitators, they expect to be a lively, accommodating to their inputs, and willing to share their expertise. 

For the Activity Flow, they expectations the activity is to be flexible but with good output and sets time frame for every topic. All the expectations were noted during the activity. After the ‘leveling of expectation', they discussed the house rules and regulations during the activity. The participants made the house rules.

After presenting the programs and activities for the organization, the facilitator divided the group into two for the crafting of the mission, vision, goals and objectives (VMGO). Presentation of output then followed, in which individual participant were given the chance to talk to share their views and opinions to the VMGO presented by the two groups. Participants were able also to suggest and made some comments to the presentation, thereafter made an input on the appropriate words and sentences to be included in the VM for the output to be completed.  

The second day of activity focused on re-visiting the CBL of BUGAAI. The facilitator facilitated the groups for comments, suggestions, and recommendations of the CBL, while the participants are having a workshop, when the BU President Arnulfo Mascariñas arrived and give his message to ARO and BUGAAI participants. He also participated in the re-visiting of the CBL of BUGAAI.