Grand Alumni Homecoming gathers Secondary Grads

Gathering the graduates of Bicol University High School within the past 50 years, the BUHS Batch of 1993 hosted a grand alumni homecoming last May 05 at the Albay Astrodome in Legazpi City. Coined “#BUrutwaan 2018: Defying Age To Make Things Happen”, the gathering celebrates the silver anniversary (25 years) of Batch 1993 and the golden anniversary of Batch 1968.

The said homecoming was attended by hundreds of BUHS graduates, along with current and former staff and faculty members of BUHS. The alumni of each generation of BUHS graduates were enthusiastically represented, with the participants wearing shirts bearing the mark and color-scheme of their respective batch.

The celebration began with a holy mass which took place in front of the main building of BUHS, located inside BU's main campus. This was then followed by a motorcade routed around Legazpi wherein the alumni joined to show their unified pride and joy despite the rainy weather that morning.

The motorcade started at Bicol University's main campus and ended at Albay Astrodome, where the formal program took place. The program featured games, raffles and presentations which were organized by Batch 1993 for the participants to have a fun-filled experience.

To reminisce and feel the nostalgia of their high school years, some of the graduates gave testimonials along with audio-visual presentations of their lives in BUHS. Aside from the program, the celebration also culminated with an ‘alumni's night' dinner as a thanksgiving activity of the alumni for years of friendship and cherished memories they have shared with each other.