The Secretariat undertakes the administration, coordination and control of the Consortium in accordance with the policies and guidelines promulgated by the RRDCC. The Secretariat is located at BUCAF Brgy. Morera, Guinobatan, Albay. BU serves asthe base agency per original MOA signed on 6th February 2004.

Consortium Director

The Consortium Director heads the Secretariat, manages the daily operation of the Consortium and administers activities in line with the policies formulated by the RRDCC. He/she also serves as the ex-officio member and secretariat of the RRDCC and the Executive Board.

Research and Development Cluster (RDC)

The cluster is responsible for assisting in the formulation of short, medium and long term regional research and development plans; annual work plan. Coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of the on-going and completed R&D programs through agency in-house reviews, regional symposia on R&D Highlights (RSRDH), Program/commodity reviews and field visits.

Technology Transfer Cluster (TTC)

The cluster is responsible in gathering and consolidating information from CMIs, on research activities and technologies; Facilitation of initiatives on technologydissemination and packaging  for commercialization activities; Coordinationof trainings related to technology promotion and utilization; Promotion of government and non-government participation and other stakeholders in the application of innovative technologies for higher productivity and profitability.

Knowldge Managment Cluster (KMC)

The cluster is responsible in coordinating, capturing, developing, sharing and put into effective use the various S&T related information of the Consortium and its CMIs; Providing communication support and complementing the communication resources of the Consortium Member-Institutions(CMIs) Fostering inter-agency collaboration and providing the venue to upgrade regional communication capability.