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Alumni Stories

BU CALiber stars in international short film contest

September 20, 2022

Crisbel M. Aurellano, 22, a 4th year student of Bicol University College of Arts and Letters (BUCAL) taking Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts (BPeA), was casted as the lead character “Luna” in the short film Mabaybay.

The short film is about a young Aeta girl named Luna who was deprived of societal privileges. With her earnest wish to learn, she encountered a life-changing experience that transformed her life.

It was Crisbel’s first time to be on film, since she is more experienced in stage plays. After learning about the on-going auditions, she was both frightened and thrilled to explore the film industry.

Crisbel is a known performing artist in the university. In 2018, she was awarded as the most promising actress when she played Diane, one of the lead roles, in the first-ever musical theatre production play of the university Sa Pamitisan kan Bulkan. She also played Angela in a short monologue play titled Manika in 2019.

Aside from playing different roles both in theater and film, Crisbel is a student-achiever and leader. She was recognized as an Academic Scholar in S.Y. 2018-2019 and given the Service Award for her active involvement as Junior Councilor in the same academic year. She also held position for three consecutive years in the Performing Arts Union Integrated for Culture Arts and Nature (PAUICAN) in CAL. She is an active choir member as soprano of the Bicol University New Generation Cultural (BUNGCUL) Singers. Recently, she co-founded an art organization in her hometown, Iriga City, called SadiRinconada.

Crisbel is also an aspiring vlogger who shares content about herself, life events, and performances as a singer. With her talent, she is often invited at weddings and online concerts to perform.

When asked about her inspiration in pursuing her passion, the young performing artist said that it is important to keep fighting for your dreams no matter the situation you are in.

“Keep going, with or without support. It is so easy to go and fight for your dreams when you have all the support you need but what is truly exceptional is when you continue to achieve great things even if people do not believe in you, even if they try to put you down, and even if you feel like giving up,” she said.

Mabaybay is a Filipino phrase that means “Godspeed,” implying that a person’s travel will be safe and fruitful. Located in Iriga City, the 17-minute short film is one of the official entries for the 4th China-ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week short film contest.

Frederick Noel Fucio directed the film, which was coproduced by the Local Government Unit of Iriga and Shotlist Productions. The short film is available via Vimeo through signing-up for a free account at and look for Mabaybay. Click RENT and APPLY PROMO CODE: CR2022 to watch until March 31, 2022. (written by: Arnold C. Noda, CPRO)