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BU faculty researchers empowered in writeshop, mentoring program for refereed journal articles

May 11, 2023

In its commitment to foster excellence and innovation in research and academic writing, select Bicol University faculty researchers attended a three-day seminar dubbed Writeshop and Mentoring Program on Writing Publishable Articles in Refereed Journals, at the Proxy Hotel by the Oriental, Legazpi City, from May 3 to 5, 2023.

Organized by the Publication and Knowledge Management Division (PKMD), under the Office of the Vice President for Research Development and Extension (OVPRDE), the event also aimed to enhance the competence of BU faculty researchers in writing papers and guide them in preparing and submitting publishable articles based on their completed research.

Kicking off the event, the first day commenced with an engaging opening program. Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin N. Nebres, III, the esteemed BU President, along with Dr. Marisa N. Estrella, the Vice President for Research, Development, and Extension, delivered inspirational messages to set the tone. Their words of encouragement motivated the participants to strive for excellence in their research and writing endeavors.

The highlight of the first day was a lecture-discussion led by the renowned Dr. Gremil Alessandro A. Naz, Editor-in-Chief of the BU R&D Journal, who served as the Resource Speaker. Dr. Naz captivated the audience with a multimedia presentation, fostering interactive discussions among the participants. His expertise and insights provided invaluable guidance on how to craft high-quality articles suitable for publication in refereed journals.

The program’s second day focused on the mentoring program and individual consultations. Each participant had the opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions with Dr. Naz, seeking personalized advice and guidance to refine their papers. The mentorship aspect of the event proved to be a crucial element in helping researchers further develop their work and address specific concerns.

On the third and final day, participants had the chance to present their output for critiquing. This session provided a valuable platform for peer feedback and constructive criticism, allowing researchers to refine their articles further. Following the presentations, all papers were officially collected and endorsed for external review, potentially paving the way for publication in the CHED-JIP Recognized BU R&D Journal.

To recognize the efforts and dedication of the participants, certificates of completion were awarded during the closing ceremonies. Dr. Benedicto B. Balilo Jr., Director of PKMD, delivered a heartfelt concluding message, commending the researchers for their hard work and highlighting the significance of their contributions to the academic community. His words of encouragement resonated with the attendees, inspiring them to continue pursuing excellence in their research and writing endeavors.

The BU Faculty Researchers present were Julius R. Satparam (CE), Gayle Ann B. Abrigo (CE), Shirley N. Maloles (CAL), Agnes G. Lasin (CAL), Ma. Crestia C. Bañares (CTCED/CBEM), Elmer A. Lorenzana (CPSD/CBEM), Melinda D. De Guzman (OU), Ma. Crispina P. Baltazar (RCFSQA/CS), Rodel Riñofranco (CN), Jeffrey D. Peregrino (RCFSQA), Grace L. Aytona (RCFSQA), Jhunell A. Regala (RDMD), Angelo P. Candelaria (RDMD) together with the PKMD Technical Staff, Janet I. Triunfante, Yolanda Julieta B. Buama and Angelica T. Blacer.

The three-day workshop was a significant milestone in the professional development of BU faculty researchers. Equipped with enhanced skills and newfound confidence, these researchers are poised to make valuable contributions to their respective fields. (by Janet I. Triunfante)