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BU officials take part in International, Intercultural Week in VIVES, Belgium

September 20, 2022

In pursuit of intensifying the strategic internationalization direction of Bicol University (BU), nine key delegates were sent to operationalize the ongoing General Bilateral Agreement (GBA) on International Cooperation with VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium, by participating in the VIVES International and Intercultural Week and International Academic Visit with Transdisciplinary Research Conclave from November 14 to 25, 2022.

Since October 2018, BU – VIVES partnership was sealed through GBA International Cooperation including the exchange of professors and researchers as well as the creation of joint initiatives like seminars, conferences, symposia, and the like.

VIVES invites BU Pres, IRO Director as guest lecturers

In celebration of the International Week, VIVES hosted a Global Engagement Week that invited 41 guests from 25 different countries, and 28 international guests, including the BU President Arnulfo M. Mascariñas and IRO Director, Dr. Dimson M. Rivero as guest lecturers from November 14 to 18, 2022.

The BU President presented a lecture about BU in the Landscape of the New Normal: Initiatives and Strategies. He magnified the challenges in teaching and learning continuity of the university and its strategic approach on developing a resilient learning system.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rivero focused on Social Entrepreneurship in the Philippines: Leveraging Social Issues to Social Impact. He discussed the social entrepreneurship as an imperative sustainability platform to address social issues through entrepreneurship undertakings.

BU officials present international research paper; benchmark best practices in VIVES, Belgium

The second group of delegates from BU arrived in VIVES, Belgium for the International Academic Visit and Transdisciplinary Research Conclave from November 21 to 25, 2022.

The assigned delegation was Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Reina O. Habalo, ETEEAP Director and Senior Chief President Staff, Dr. Jean Annette S. Ibo, Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Leticia M. Lopez, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Dr. Amelia B. Gonzales, Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Jonathan C. Arroco, Dean of the College of Industrial and Technology, and Dr. Mary Joy B. Catangui, Dean of Polangui Campus.

Upon arrival at the VIVES Campus, the BU delegation, along with the BU President and IRO Director, were welcomed by Johan Cottyn, the International Coordinator of VIVES – Commercial Sciences, Business Management, and Informatics. An English Programme in Applied Engineering and Technology at the VIVES Makerspaces was also held by Evert Cottyn, the International Coordinator of Technology.

Afterwards, the delegates were introduced to the new bachelor’s degree in VIVES, the Media and Entertainment Business, presented by Sylvie Vanrenterghem, coordinator. The university delegates also attended a meeting at the Kortrijk City Hall and campus of Kortrijk for the general introduction of VIVES University of Applied Sciences and the discussion of Study Programs in Business and IT, Technology, and Applied Social Studies. The BU delegates walked through the Topics on Global Engagement in VIVES, Study programs in Health Care and Education, and Campus Tour Bruges. From November 23 to 25, the international research paper presentation took place.

The university also took this opportunity to benchmark the services and best practices of the different campuses of VIVES, hence the International Academic Visit. In the Kortjik Campus, Dr. Ibo, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Arroco, and Dr. Catangui, along with other BU key officials, explored Kortjik’s field of discipline in Education, Nursing, Midwifery, Business Administration, Accountancy, Management, Engineering, ICT, Electromechanical Systems, Electronics, Automotive Technology, Social Sciences and Philosophy, Applied Sciences, and graduate degree in Nursing.

Meanwhile, in the Brugge Campus, the university key officials, along with Dr. Lopez, Dr. Ibo, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Arroco, and Dr. Catangui, visited the campus’ Audiology, Speech Therapy, Multimedia, Nutrition, Dietetics, post-graduate Care Teaching, Creative Digital Designs, Culture Management, Sports Management, Cooperative Games, Occupational Therapy, graduate degree in Nursing, Education, Nursing, Midwifery, Business Administration, Accountancy, Management, Engineering, ICT, Electromechanical Systems, Electronics, and Automotive Technology.

In the Roeselare Campus, Dr. Ibo and Dr. Arroco looked in on the Agro and Biotechnology, Agro Industry, Animal Care, Nursing, Food Technology, Green Management, General Agriculture, Horticulture, and graduate degree in Nursing programs.

BU-VIVES furthers international partnership; enters ERASMUS+ Cooperation

Through the efforts of IRO, BU undertook another international milestone by signing an Inter-Institutional Agreement for their first European Regional Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (ERASMUS+) cooperation on November 23, 2022.

ERASMUS+ is a European Union initiative that helps youth, sports, education, and training across Europe through scholar exchanges and other kinds of cooperative educational activities. This collaboration is in accordance with the Synergy Programme of the Province of West Flanders, which brings together 30 partners from academics, local government, NGOs, cooperatives, and people organizations in both the Philippines and West Flanders. The Synergy Programme serves as a Cooperation Platform and Knowledge Centre for these collaborations, which have as their central focus the development of safe, sustainable, and resilient communities and companies through agricultural entrepreneurship.

The agreement was signed by BU President Mascariñas and Joris Hindryckx, VIVES University President.

The BU and VIVES delegates, along with the officials of the Philippine Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, also met with the province of West Flanders Governor Carl Decaluwe, where he welcomed the visitors and hosted a dinner at the Historic House of the Governor, in Brugge, Belgium. | by Arnold C. Noda, CPRO

Photos Contributed by: Dr. Dimson M. Rivero