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BU reaps 17 topnotcher ranks in 2022 boards

January 17, 2023

Bicol University produced 17 topnotchers in the various fields of the professional board examination, with 1,446 passers overall this year. As we close yet another year in Bicol University, let us take a quick run-down on the 2022 Professional Regulation Commission board exam results of the university.

In January, 36 graduates from the Institute of Design and Architecture (IDeA) passed the Architect Licensure Examination (ALE), achieving a 66% passing rate. Meanwhile, in the June 2022 ALE, the institute produced 39 architects with a 50% passing rate.
In the February 2022 results of the Master Plumber Licensure Examination (MPLE), 27 master plumbers from the BU East Campus achieved a 90% passing rate. But in the July MPLE, the campus produced 47 passers with a 49% passing rate.

In the March 2022 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination, it was revealed that the university produced 42 licensed mechanical engineers with a 63% passing rate. In August, BU produced 24 mechanical engineers and one certified plant mechanic, achieving 53% and 100% passing rates, respectively. But in the September 2022 Mining Engineer Licensure Examination, the university achieved a 70% passing rate with 31 licensed mining engineers.

In the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), a total of 138 licensed professional teachers (LPTs) passed the 2022 January LET, of which 111 qualified LPTs for secondary education with an 81% passing rate, and 27 LPTs for the elementary level with a 54% passing rate. Meanwhile, the 2022 June LET revealed that the university produced 88 LPTs, of which 20 passed the elementary and 68 passed the secondary.

In the medical field, the College of Medicine (CM) produced 11 licensed physicians with an 85% passing rate based on the March 2022 Physician Licensure Examination (PLE). But in the October PLE, 58 passed the licensure exams with a 78% passing rate. The College of Nursing (CN) also produced nine nurses, garnering a 64% passing rate in the June 2022 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination.

The nursing programs at BU Tabaco Campus (TC), BUCN, and BU Polangui Campus (PC) took pride in the November 2022 Nursing Licensure Examination, where they produced six BUeño topnotchers, four from BUCN and two from BUPC.

Top 8 is Pamela K. Peña (BUCN) ; Top 9 are Choan O. Neo (BUPC) and Claire Anne Lou R. Lumbes (BUCN); and Top 10 are Jan Mariell C. Elnar (BUPC), Mary Claire R. Garcia (BUCN), and Mikhaela Yvonne E. Llaneta (BUCN).

In addition, BUTC and BUPC were among the Top 1 Performing Schools in the country with an outstanding 100% passing rate, while BUCN achieved a 96% passing rate. Overall, the university produced 237 RNs with a 96% passing rate.

In May, Fane Cyntennel C. Pelagio and Mark Kevin S. De Vera, BUeños from the College of Engineering (CENG), landed in the 7th and 8th places, respectively, in the April 2022 Registered Master Electrician (RME) and Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) Licensure Examinations. In addition, the East Campus produced 36 registered electrical engineers with a 42% passing rate.

Furthermore, 14 passed the registered master electrician exam, achieving a 45% passing rate.

Another batch of topnotchers, namely Daniel Ezra D. Octeza and Ryan Cristian P. Dagsil, claimed the top 8 and 10 ranks, respectively, in the September 2022 RME Licensure Examination. Overall, CENG produced 48 RMEs and achieved an 83% passing rate. Meanwhile, 27 alumni passed the REEs exams with an 84% passing rate.
Seventy civil engineers from the same campus were also licensed in the May 2022 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination (CELE), garnering a 45% passing rate. It also achieved a 65% passing rate in the May 2022 Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination, with 17 passers. But in the November CELE, Carl Justin B. Berces clinched a spot in the Top 10 along with 95 BU passers overall who achieved a 46% passing rate.

The College of Business, Economics, and Management (CBEM) also proved to be the home of topnotch, where Emmanuel Z. Jerusalem and Bethany Jane I. Carizo claimed the Top 6 and 7 spots, respectively, in the May 2022 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPALE). Meanwhile, 16 other alumni also passed the same board exams achieving a 46% passing rate. But in the October CPALE, CBEM gained a 51% passing rate with a total of 41 passers.

The College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) also produced 47 agricultural and biosystems engineers that achieved a 48% passing rate in the September Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Licensure Examination. However, in the October 2022 Forester Licensure Examination, BUCAF alumna Nadine V. Almodiel finished sixth, along with the 18 BU overall passers, with a 91% passing rate.

BUTC also proved to be a powerhouse of topnotchers and passers, where the campus was proclaimed as one of the Top 1 Performing Schools in the country, and it achieved a laudable 100% passing rate with 25 passers in the September 2022 Social Work Licensure Examination, with Jonna Mae B. Bogñalbal claiming the top 9th rank.

The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) also joined the roster as the 2nd Top Performing School where it produced 104 registered social workers with a 99% passing rate.
For the October 2022 Geodetic Engineer Licensure Examination, Shyla B. Arciga and John Raymund O. Buenconsejo landed in the top 4 and top 10 places, respectively. Overall, the university produced 66 geodetic engineers with a 73% passing rate.

In the October 2022 Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician Licensure Examinations, the BU Polangui Campus produced two passers in the Electronics Engineer exam and 17 passers in the Electronics Technician exam, where the latter received a 77% passing rate. Lastly, fifteen passers from BUTC achieved a 36% passing rate in the October 2022 Fisheries Professional Licensure Examination.

The 2022 PRC results are an admirable testament to the commitment and dedication of the Bicol University community, both in and out of the classroom. With more than a thousand board passers, Bicol University has once again proven to be one of the homes of topnotchers in the country. The achievement was made possible with the combined effort of the administration, faculty, and students, who are all dedicated to providing excellence in education Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Bicol University has still managed to rise to the occasion and remain as one of the top academic institutions in the country. With the remarkable performance of the university in this year’s board exams, we are once again reminded of our commitment and duty to uphold excellence in education.