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BU Student Handbook faces 2023 revision

August 14, 2023

To consistently adapt and refine policies and guidelines to better serve the students, the Bicol University Student Handbook 2019 was reviewed and revised in a two-day meeting at the Kasanggayahan Hall, Proxy Hotel, Legazpi City, on August 7 and 9, 2023. 

The committee for this operation consisted of representatives from various departments and stakeholders, including teaching and non-teaching staff and relevant experts. 

On the first day, an extensive review of the existing handbook was discussed, where outdated policies, sections that needed clarification, and areas requiring updates to the current university environment were highlighted. 

The committee engaged in fruitful discussions, exploring suggestions and feedback that would align the student handbook with the contemporary needs and challenges faced by the students. The discussion generated innovative ideas, new policies, guidelines, and provisions. 

The committee was firm in its commitment to ensure that the revised handbook would cater to the diverse needs of the students. During the deliberations, the subject of inclusivity was further discussed, revolving around accessibility, gender sensitivity, and accommodating students from varying cultural and social backgrounds. 

The revision process continued the next day, as the committee delved particularly into the formulation of comprehensive guidelines for shifting and transferring students between different academic programs. Discussions were furthered to establish clear and equitable procedures for students seeking program changes. 

BU President Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin D. Nebres III, Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres, VP for Academic Affairs, and Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata, Dean of the BU College of Law, were also present to impart their insights and expertise. For inclusivity, avenues were further explored. The team outlined specific milestones that would guide their progress moving forward while ensuring a streamlined and efficient revision process. 

As the event approached its conclusion, Dean Jocelyn E. Serrano underscored the significance of collaboration and the shared responsibility of crafting a handbook that authentically addressed students’ needs. 

Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata lauded the committee’s meticulous approach, emphasizing that the revised handbook would stand as a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence. 

Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres expressed her unwavering confidence in the committee’s capability to positively impact the student experience through this significant revision process.

The collaborative efforts for this project have included updating policies, addressing transfer guidelines, and promoting inclusivity measures.

 Esteemed guests, including Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres, Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata, and Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin D. Nebres III, provided invaluable insights. These productive days, marked by collaboration and innovation, set the course for a handbook that aligns with the evolving needs of the Bicol University community. (via BUCS 2023 Student Handbook Revision Report)

The committee was created under Administrative Order 183 s. 2022, chaired by Prof. Jocelyn E. Serrano, BUCS Dean; Prof. Daves L. Tonga, OSAS; Atty. Daryl B. Alfante-Redoblado, LAO; Dr. Hennie P. Lomibao, Admissions Office; Dr. Ramesis M. Lorino, URO; Ms. Glenda Aurora S. Julianda, ULS; Dr. Rosebe M. Nacion- Lauraya, BAO; Dr. Ana Linda G. Marcellana, USWS; Prof. Jazzlyn T. Imperial, ISPSD; Mr. Michael A. Alagaban, USDP; Dr. Jeanne Marie M. Morcoso- Llana, UHS; Mr. Erwin Madraso, SSO; Prof. Tania L. Añonuevo, CSASC; Mr. Julius Caesar Martinez, UIC; Ms. Remee Esteffany Baldorado, USC Chair; Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata, BUCL; Dr. Ofelia M. Samar – Sy, BUCM; Dr. Sharlene A. Lucillo, DMD; Dr. Leonila B. Barbacena, IQA; Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres, VPAA; Secretariat Staff: Mr. Mheljor A. General, Ms. Jayrah B. Riñon, Mr. Erwin N. Bañares, and Ms. Jean Kimberly B. Moralejo.


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