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BUeños off to summer school programs in VIVES UAS, Belgium

May 30, 2024

Sixteen BUeños across Bicol University embarked on a two-week summer school program at the VIVES University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Belgium, from May 27 to June 7, 2024. 

VIVES UAS has invited BU, as a partner university, for two specialized summer school programs: Industrial AI and Innovative Entrepreneurship. These programs were designed to provide students with hands-on experience and advanced knowledge in AI technologies and entrepreneurial skills.

Throughout the two weeks, BUeños engaged in a series of intensive workshops, lectures, and practical sessions led by VIVES UAS experts in their respective fields. 

For the Summer School Industrial AI program, 11 BUeños were deployed, where they focused on the latest AI trends and skills, AI Model deployment, AI EDGE, AI Ethics, and AI and Business, and were expected to pitch an AI project. They also visited companies for a more hands-on experience. 

The delegates were Krystal Denise M. Taclas (3rd Year/BID), Jio Dominic Sales (4th Year/Electrical Technology), Lean Jedfrey D. Deduque (3rd Year/BS Computer Science), Jhoanna Sherry T. Paraiso (2nd Year/BS Computer Science), Yna Gabrielle P. Foronda (3rd Year/BS Computer Science), John Olan S. Gomez (4th Year/BS Computer Science), Clyde Justine C. Nate (3rd Year/BS Computer Science), Jovic Francis B. Rayco (3rd Year/BS Chemical Engineering), Denise C. Palma (2nd Year/BS Computer Science), Paolo Simeon O. Satuito (3rd Year/BS Computer Engineering), and Jeff Lawrence Nuda (2nd Year/BSECE). 

They were accompanied by Prof. Nico O. Aspra, BU College of Industrial Technology faculty, Engr. Jocelyn R. Balisnomo, BU College of Engineering faculty, and Prof. Arnold B. Platon, BU Polangui faculty. 

Meanwhile, the Summer School Innovative Entrepreneurship program gave insights into AI applications in Business, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy, Business Development, Business Ethics, Futureproof Workplaces, Social Economy, and Finances. The five BUeño delegates also paid a visit to select innovative companies. 

The delegates were Rhyzhelle Zayna Manila (3rd Year/BS Accountancy), Xander Louis Salceda (3rd Year/BS Accountancy), Rosemarie Jao (3rd Year/BS Accountancy), Jarus Alexis Rico (3rd Year/BSBA MM), and Janmark R. Isaguirre (2nd Year/BS Entrepreneurship).

They were joined by Dr. Roscefe B. Dy, BU Guinobatan Dean, and Prof. Alma O. Satimbre, BU Guinobatan Faculty.

Thanks to the efforts of the BU International Relations Office, headed by Dr. Dimson M. Rivero, this international exposure allowed the students to gain valuable knowledge and skills, which they can apply in their studies and future careers.

The program also fostered cultural exchange and strengthened the partnership between BU and VIVES UAS. | by Arnold C. Noda – IO III, BUCPRO

📷: Rosemarie Jao, Lean Jedfrey Deduque, Jairus Alexis Rico and John Olan Gomez