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BUeños return after 10-day Summer School Programs in VIVES UAS, Belgium

July 11, 2024

Students and faculty members from different programs returned after embarking on two 10-day summer school programs at the VIVES University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Belgium, from May 27 to June 13, 2024. 

Throughout the program, they engaged in a series of intensive workshops, lectures, practical sessions, and some site visits and cultural immersion activities hosted by VIVES UAS experts in their respective professional fields.  

Fourteen delegates took part in the International Summer School program on Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) from May 27 to June 7, 2024. They were John Olan S. Gomez, Lean Jedfrey D. Deduque, Clyde Justine C. Nate, Yna Gabrielle P. Foronda, Jovic Francis B. Rayco, and Jhoanna Sherry T. Paraiso from BU College of Science; Krystal Denise M. Taclas, Jio Dominic Sales, and Engr. Nico O. Aspra from BU College of Industrial Technology; Denise C. Palma and Engr. Jocelyn R. Balisnomo from BU College of Engineering; and Paolo Simeon O. Satuito, Jeff Lawrence Nuda, and Prof. Arnold B. Platon from BU Polangui.

The delegates underwent an intensive curriculum that included lectures and practical applications on AI Fundamentals, AI Machine Learning, AI Industry, Data Science, AI Deep Learning, AI Ethics, Optimization, AI Model Deployment, and AI Edge and Cloud Deployment. The program also incorporated cultural tours around Bruges and Kortrijk, Belgium.

They were also tasked to apply the lessons learned from lectures to create a fully functional Project. Jed, Jovic, Jhoanna, Denise, and an international delegate developed a program that outputs a Spotify playlist based on the user’s outfit and weather. Also, An Object Detection and Depth Estimation program was formed by the joint efforts of Olan, Yna, Krystal, and Yna. The application identifies objects and translates them to text-to-speech for the visually impaired.

Meanwhile, the VIVES UAS Summer School program on the Circular Economy and Innovative Business Practices took place from June 2 to 13, 2024, where the delegates were able to immerse themselves in the latest trends in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business development.

Through interactive lectures and dynamic brainstorming sessions, students delved into topics on AI in business, social entrepreneurship, principles of the circular economy, and financial planning and management for start-ups providing essential skills for budding entrepreneurs. It also included design thinking workshops and cultural excursions to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also underscored the importance of strategic planning, sustainability, and financial agility, preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs to lead with innovation and responsibility.

The delegates for this program were Dr. Roscefe B. Dy, BU Guinobatan Dean, Prof. Alma O. Satimbre, BU Guinobatan Faculty, with student Janmark Isagguire; and Xander Louis Salceda, Ryzhelle Zayna Manila, Rosemarie Jao, and Jairus Alexis A. Rico from BU College of Business, Economics, and Management. 

📷: Jairus Alexis A. Rico