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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

BUGS program advisers undergo workshop

Wednesday May 25,2022

To establish clear understanding of the changes in the BUGS policy to be implemented comes SY 2022-2023, a three-day workshop was held by the Bicol University Graduate School for its program advisers both in masters and doctoral programs, held at the Ninong’s Hotel, Legazpi City, on May 18 to 20, 2022.

Compliant to the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 15, series of 2019 specifying Policies, Standards and Guidelines for Graduate Programs, the event aims to strengthen the nation’s innovation, research and development and the cultivation of a culture of research and innovation in the graduate programs. It also focuses on a particular or interdisciplinary academic discipline or profession.

The program started with the welcome remarks of Dr. Herbert B. Rosana, Dean of BUGS, followed by the messages of Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascarinas, SUC President IV, respectively.

Dr. Samuel C. Bobiles, BUGS Secretary and the Chairman of the Student Progress and Evaluation Committee, presented the mechanics and the objectives of the workshop including the tasks to be performed in 3 days.

Prof. Alwin Joseph M. Maceres, Director of Planning and Development Office, gave a talk on the BU Targets for Advance Higher Education.

The first day had a workshop dubbed “Where Are We?” allowing the participants to perform SWOT Analysis of their respective programs and program matching based on the CMO No. 15, series of 2019.

Day two commenced with a recapitulation by Dr. Roldan Cabiles, program adviser of MA in English Education – Open University, followed by the discussion on the operationalization of the revised BUGS policy. The workshop revolved on the program requirements such as students’ concerns on enrollment, leave of absence, maximum residency rule, etc.; faculty qualifications and research and publications; thesis and dissertation; adviser-advisee ratio; topics for thesis and dissertation; and publication requirement. After which, evening team building and socials followed through.

The third day delved on program clustering and curricular revision and panel discussion between the program advisers and the BU Officials in the person of the BU President, VPAA, VPRDE and BUGS Dean where issues and concerns in relation to the BUGS revised policy were raised and addressed during the discussion. Dr. Viola Amano and Dr. Rosemarie Frias, program advisers of the PhD in Development Management (PhDDM) and Master of Public Administration (MPA), also presented their curricular revisions in compliance with the CMO No. 15, series of 2019.

Finally, the closing remarks was given by Dr. Samuel Bobiles and awarded the following participants who actively participated in the three-day workshop: Dr. Marcia Corazon Rico, program adviser of MA in Social Studies Education; Dr. Viola Amano, program adviser of PhDDM; and Dr. Lorna M. Miña, program adviser of PhD in Educational Foundations.

Dr. Maria Celina Eladia Meneses, a faculty member of the BU College of Arts and Letters, served as the workshop facilitator. (Cabiles, Roldan/BUOU)