Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance and Development

Brief Historical Background of the BU JMRIGD.

            By virtue of Board Resolution No. 142 series of 2017 passed by Bicol University Board of Regents the BU Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Local Governance was renamed and organized into BU Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance and Development as a degree hosting unit under the administrative jurisdiction of the Graduate School. It is comprised of four components namely: Graduate Academic Program, Research and Community Mobilization Program, Training and Consultancy Program and Knowledge and Technology Convergence Program.

            The institute aims to offer a multi-and-inter-disciplinary programs in the field of governance and development and create an enabling environment for community leaders, organizers and developers to earn graduate and post graduate education; conduct researches of high degree for publication, citation and utilization; provide training and consulting for local and national development; and convergence for knowledge dissemination, technology transfer, and adoption that are of local, national and international significance towards social transformation and development.


To give professional and technical training and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature., philosophy, the science and arts, besides providing for the promotion of science technological researches, extension service to the community and resource generation through its various productive and endeavors to complement the University's mandated instruction-research function.


1) Be a Center of Excellence (COE) in the field of governance and development along instruction, research and community services;

2) Develop a student-centric and community-centric academic programs and initiatives that would inculcate Robredo's idealism, “Tsinelas Leadership” and good governance best practices;

3) Establish a knowledge power hub by taking a lead in conducting and extending technical assistance to conduct scientific and high degree researches along governance and development that will inspire community mobilization towards social transformation and development of Bicol Region and the nation;

4) Create training and learning platforms that will offer a customized and well-designed programs and modules for capacity and capability building and competency development or enhancement as well as technical assistance to officials and leaders in both public and private sectors along governance and development;

5) Produce generations of think-tanks with analytical and critical thinking competencies and strategic management and leadership abilities that will exemplify servant leadership and good governance towards regional development;

6) Develop a pool of scholars and experts as academic event organizers, convention and conference convener, and knowledge management teams that will provide venue and avenue for knowledge and research dissemination and technology transfer, utilization and adoption towards social transformation and development;

7) Establish strong and functional partnerships, linkages, and networks with public and private institutions, agencies and organization both domestic and international for resource and knowledge generation, sharing of common platforms and meeting mutual needs and concerns along governance and development; and

8) Serve as repository and convergence of knowledge, skills, values and competencies as well as repository of documents including bank of information and data relevant to governance and development with significant implication in promoting quality life for all.