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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

Gubat Campus


    Bicol University Gubat Campus is the only academic unit of Bicol University outside the province of Albay. It is situated in the municipality of Gubat, province of Sorsogon. It’s roots and humble beginnings can be trace to the initiative of local government unit of Gubat in its desire for quality and accessible tertiary education to their   constituents.

    Having seen the merits of the graduates from the extension program earlier implemented and observing the necessity for an undergraduate program that will serve the yearly turnout of high school graduates from the secondary schools of at least four (4) adjacent towns in the area wherein  more than fifty (50) percent  fail to reach college because of financial inadequacy.  Confident of instructional facilities that can be provided by the local government, officials and residents of the Municipality of Gubat, Sorsogon, the local government unit of Gubat, headed by Mayor Deogracias B. Ramos,  petitioned the Board of Regents of the Bicol University to open a university campus in said Municipality.

    The Bicol University Board of Regents then through Resolution No. 29 series of 1996, approved the establishment of Bicol University Gubat Extension Program (BUGEP) with the condition that the implementation of the program will not entail additional cost to the University and the university having the capacity through its faculty complement to pursue the program.

    Said Board Resolution provided the basis of the formulation and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Bicol University and the local government of Gubat. This agreement formalized the opening of the Bicol University Gubat  Extension Program (BUGEP),  where the local government, during the affectivity of the contract bears responsibility for providing budgetary requirements of the program and the university takes care of all the responsibility of all the academic necessities.

    As early as May 1997, preparations for the enrollment of those who qualified in the admission examinations and the class assignments were being arranged on  June 13, 1997, coinciding with the fiesta celebration of the town and the time for the presence of education-minded successful citizens of the Municipality, through simple ceremonies, the Campus was formally opened to the public.  And in June 23, 1997, the first day of classes commenced.

    In December 2009, R.A. 9860 was signed by the Philippine  President as sponsored by Congressman Jose Solis which  formally integrates the Bicol University Gubat Extension Program (BUGEP)  to Bicol University  as one of its  campuses bearing a new name   as  the  “ Bicol University Gubat Campus (BUGC)”


    • To provide higher quality of education in the field of education, agriculture, computer science, entrepreneurship, business, economics and management that is responsive to regional and national development.
    • To pursue relevant research and extension activities through linkages with different organizations and government and non-government agencies.
    • To initiate vigorously income generating activities for improving the financial capability of the college.
    • To establish the higher degree of efficiency, effectiveness, collegiality in making decisions and transparency in the administrative system

      BUGC Objectives RA 9860:

    The Bicol University Gubat Campus shall provide quality and affordable higher education to the people.  It shall develop and provide relevant technology and academic programs that will hasten the socio-economic development of the Province of Sorsogon.

    Every BUGC student and graduate should:

    Practice and display professional ethical standards in all places at all times; 

    Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in education, entrepreneurship, and agriculture that would contribute to  organizational, regional and national development ;
    Conduct technology-based researches that would create products for commercialization;
    Disseminate developed technologies in the communities through extension to empower people to adopt the technology as a means of livelihood;

    Establish partnerships with stakeholders to better address societal issues.

  • 1. Bachelor in Elementary Education

    Outcome Based Objectives

    Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the diversity of learners in various learning areas

    Manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of the different subject areas

    Utilize appropriate assessment and evaluation tools to measure learning outcomes

    Manifest skills in communication, higher order thinking and use of tools and technology to accelerate learning and teaching

    Demonstrate positive attributes of a model teacher, both as an individual and as a professional

    Manifest a desire to continoulsy pursue personal and professional development

    2. Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Filipino

    Outcome Based Objectives

    May sapat na batayan at mataas na antas ng kaalaman sa disiplinang Filipino.

    May malawak at malalim na pag-unawa at kaalaman sa ugnayan ng wika, kultura at lipunan

    Nakapagpapakita ng malwak na mga kasanayan at kaalaman sa proseso ng pagtuturo-pagkatuto sa Filipino

     Malay sa mga kaalaman hinggil sa usapin ng kultural at liggwistikong dibersidad ng bansa

    Malikhain, inobatibo, integratibong nakapag-iisip ng mga alternatibong dulog sa pagtuturo at mataya ang kabisaan ng mga dulog sa pagpapaunlad sa pagkatuto ng mga mag-aaral

    Nakagagawa ng pananaliksik sa Filipino

    3. Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Social Studies

    Outcome Based Objectives

    Utilize appropriate various socio-cultural and historical materials in explaining current issues

    Organize communities towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency

    Demonstrate leadership skills that will help in teaching or training students who will empower their communities

    Integrate local and global perspectives in teaching the principle of the common good

    Employ principles of sustainable development in teaching and learning

    Show scholarship in research and further learning

    Display the qualities of an innovative teacher who has mastery of the subject matter

    4. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

    Outcome Based Objectives

    Develop value-laden entrepreneurial self-efficacy

    Proactively analyze and scan the environment for business opportunities development

    Optimize resources to create value innovation not only oneself but also for the entrepreneurial economy at large

    Utilize endemic local resources with a mind global evolution and a heart for economic development

    Develop strategic business plan responsive to the emerging entrepreneurial trends

    Innovatively create and manage an enterprise in pursuit of triple-bottom-line concept to promote sustainable development

    Ethically apply acquired knowledge and skills in marketing, financial, operations, and human resources management

    5. Bachelor in Agricultural Technology

    Outcome Based Objectives

    Demonstrate critical thinking and integrative skills to solve problems and to support lifelong learning along Agricultural Development

    Communicate effectively and appropriately orally and in writing for various purposes with responsible use of ICT tools awards Agricultural Development

    Collaborate with diverse people ethically and with mastery of knowledge and skills in Agricultural Development

    Create knowledge and innovation to promote inclusive development as well as globalization in the field of Agricultural Development

  • Bicol University Gubat Campus
    Pinontingan, Gubat, Sorsogon

  • Aligan, Olda Mae A.
    Instructor I (Temporary)
    BS in Business Administration major in Microfinance (Bicol University College of Business, Economics and Management)
    Master in Entrepreneurship (Bicol University Graduate School) 18 units earned
    Castillo, Demetrio E.
    Instructor I (Temporary)
    Bachelor in Agricultural Technology (Bicol University Gubat Campus)
    Master of Science Advanced Biological Sciences (University of Liverpool)
    Deblois, Evan Carlo B.
    Instructor I
    Bachelor of Elementary Education (Bicol University College of Education)
    Master of Arts in Music Education (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Deblois, Preza C.
    Instructor I (Temporary)
    Bachelor of Secondary Education (Bicol University Gubat Campus)
    Master of Arts in Literature (Bicol University Graduate School) 33 units earned
    De Leon, Mercielen R.
    Asst. Prof. I
    AB Political Science (Bicol University College of Arts & Science)
    MA in History (De La Salle University-Manila)
    Diaz-Bonita, Ernalyn D.
    Instructor I
    Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Mathematics (Sorsogon State College)
    MA in Education major in Mathematics (Sorsogon State College)
    Ph.D. in Mathematics Education (Sorsogon State College) 12 units earned
    Estiller, Gerald H.
    Instructor I
    Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (Bicol University Gubat Campus)
    Master of Science in Agriculture (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Jadie, Rosemarie R.
    Assoc. Prof. V
    AB Economics (Bicol University College of Arts & Science)
    Master in Business Administration major in Business Economics (Aquinas University of Legazpi)
    Ph.D. in Development Management (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Lopez, Gilbert E.
    Instructor I
    Bachelor in Secondary Education major in MAPEH (Sorsogon State College)
    Master of Arts in Physical Education (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Marcaida, Maria Rechel M.
    Instructor I
    Bachelor of Secondary Education (Bicol University College of Education)
    MAED Filipino (Sorsogon State College)
    Ph.D. Filipino (Bicol University Graduate School) 48 units earned
    Octeza, Francia D.
    Asst. Prof. I
    BS Agricultural Engineering (Bicol University College of Agriculture and Forestry)
    MS Agriculture (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Ph.D. in Development Management (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Olayres, Greg G.
    Asst. Prof. I
    BEED Social Studies (Colegio De La Milagrosa)
    MAED Filipino (Bicol University Graduate School)
    Ph.D. Filipino (Bicol University Graduate School)
  • BUGC as:
    Outstanding Extension Implementing College – second place
    (Harnessing Extension Advantage in Research and Development for the School and Communities Program) awarded during the Regional Conference on Extension on September 6-7, 2017 at Higher Education Regional Research Center Amphitheater, BU East Campus

    Outstanding Extension Practitioner – Dr. Rosemarie R. Jadie – First Place

    Outstanding Extension Project – second place

  • The scribe of this Testimony is a young man who dreams of success in life. He intends to resolutely strive and pursue despite odds for the realization of his existential dreams.   

    I am Lorenzo P. Domanais Jr., the afore-cited scribe and young man of great idealism. I was born on May 7, 1993 and hail from Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon.

    In the year 2006, I graduated Class Valedictorian from Gogon Elementary School. I obtained my secondary diploma from the   Prieto-Diaz National High School and graduated with honors. It was in the Bicol University Gubat Campus, my dearest alma mater, where I took up Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and graduated cum laude on March 2014.

    During my University freshman days, I was attending daily academic tasks with diligence and enthusiasm. Indeed I wanted to focus on my field of specialization as an agriculture student. I was elected Class President as well as Representative of freshmen. At the end of the academic year, I was one of the honorific awardees and awarded academic achiever. Persistently I focused on academics during my sophomore days. Consequently, I placed Third then First in the Dean’s List on the first and second semester of academic year 2011-12 respectively. I graduated with Best in Practicum Award in Diploma in Agricultural Technology.

    The search and thirst for knowledge and the passion to see baccalaureate diploma hanging on the wall, so to speak, are the motives which boosted my resolve to enroll in the junior year. In the same academic year 2012-13, I was awarded Best in Academics and placed First in the Dean’s List.

    The efforts and strivings during the penultimate and ultimate years of academic studies were untiringly sustained by herein scribe and young man of dreams. On the day of the Commencement Exercises, I was awarded Best in Occupational Internship and conferred cum laude graduate of Bachelor of Agricultural Technology. On March 31, 2014, I graduated with honors then with baccalaureate general weighted average of 1.41.

    After graduation, I thought of trying to “wade through the rough sea of human existence.” First and foremost, I ventured to take the Licensure Examination for Agriculturist (LEA). Verily, the blessings of the “Uncaused Cause” exist because I passed said exams! I am now a registered Agriculturist with license number 0019932 and a career service eligible with license number 100105140242.

    Work experience wise, I began working as Guest Professorial Lecturer in Bicol University Gubat Campus on April 7, 2014 to date. I worked as Farm Manager at Severosa farm for three (3) months. On several occasions, I attended seminars and trainings which are relevant to my expertise. Said work experience and seminars trained and molded the Homo sapiens in me into an efficient and effective human person. Currently, I am enrolled at the Bicol University College of Agriculture and Forestry Graduate School. I intend to finish my Master’s Degree specializing in Animal Science then eventually take up a Doctoral Degree.

    Subjectively, I am lucky to be hired as college teacher. It being an opportunity for me to be part of the learning process and holistic human development of young learners. Quality education is the key to attain the goals in life. It fuels the flame of dreams and ambitions in the hearts and minds of the students. Education allows everyone to dream and creatively imagine of the means to live meaningfully. I recall the renowned line: “Shoot at the stars and you will surely land on the moon.”

    After years of “burning the midnight candles” and the efforts of undergoing the academic training in this University, I will practice and exemplify the ideals and theories I learned. I commit to do the same for the sake of public beneficence and in the name of my alma mater, the Bicol University Gubat Campus!     

Dr. Rosemarie R. Jadie

Gubat Campus