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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

Institute of Design and Architecture

  • The BS Architecture Program was first offered in the Bicol University in 1977 and three decades since then it has produced over three hundred (300) architects that are well placed in jobs locally and overseas. Bicol University later has become the leading institution in the region offering the baccalaureate program in Architecture.

    The Architecture Department started out as a “squatter” in various buildings in the University like the MP Building, Gabaldon Building and the present College of Science building. Fortunately, the Present Architecture Building was built in 1997 during the incumbency of Dr. Lylia Corporal-Sena as university president and since then the department had its home.

    The existence of BU Arki from 1975 to 2015 laid down the foundations to its transformation to the BU Institute of Architecture as it continues its metamorphosis to an independent college of the Bicol University. 

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    • To embark on relevant new programs such as Bachelor in Regional Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning, Master of Science in Environmental Planning and other programs in the field of the built and natural environments.

    • To produce globally competitive and collaborative professionals in architecture and environmental studies responsive to the times through outcomes based education.

    • To strengthen the moral, spiritual, social, and physical well-being of the students

  • Courses Offered:

    • Bachelor of Science in Architecture

    • Master of Science in Architecture

    1. Arch. Ramon E. Dealca, FUAP AA
    2. Arch. Nestor F. Santiago III, UAP
    3. Arch. Joselito P. Janer, UAP, RMP
    4. Arch. Leo A. Del Rosario, FUAP, EAROPH M. Sc.
    5. Arch.  Delfin M. Mirabete Jr.,FUAP, EAROPH PIEP RMP, M. Sc.
    6. Arch. Elviro T. Apuya UAP EAROPH RMP
    7. Arch. Hazel Ann L. Meneses, UAP M. Sc.
    8. Arch. Alwin S. Calig, UAP
    9. Arch. Ana M. Lorilla, UAP EAROPH CHCS
    10. Arch. Maureen M. Sia, UAP RMP
    11. Arch. Mary Grace M. Dalinog UAP
    12. Arch. Tricia Marie M. LLenaresas, UAP M. Sc
  • Bicol University Institute of Architecture
    East Campus, Legazpi City

    Ar. Reynaldo O. Nacional Jr., FUAP, PIEP, MS ARCH. 

    Ar. Elviro T. Apuya, UAP, PSPEAr. Elviro T. Apuya, UAP, PSPE 
    Associate Director


    Registrar II 

  • Research Development and Extension Activities:

    The Institute had been building up on its Research and Extension Activities as several of its faculty had their research undertakings some of which had already been presented in Regional, National and International Conferences. One had already been published in a referred journal. The researchers range from the built heritage, to urban planning and human settlements and the built-environment.

    Some faculty and students had been actively involved in the extension engagements  in the region especially in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Housing for the Homeless, and others.

    Production Activities:

    The Institute have had its share of production activities in the form of trainings in AutoCAD for government and private employees.

Ar. Leo A. Del Rosario

Director, Institute of Design and Architecture


June 29, 2023

Future-proofing BUIDeA through 360° Systemic Thinking