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BU receives IA Award during 34th AACCUP Annual National Conference

Area 9 (on Quality Assurance Culture) task force members with their IA accreditor Dr. Glenda de Lara of AACCUP.

Dr. Luis Sorolla, the AACCUP accreditor of Area 1 (on Governance and Management)

Dr. Evelyn Cruzada, the accreditor for Area 6, Supprot to Students with the task force members

The IQA team with The VPAA and VPAO with the accreditors  for Area II, Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

Bicol University submitted for AACCUP Institutional Accreditation last November 24 – 29, 2019  and was granted Level III accredited status with a validity period from December 1, 2019 – November 30, 2024, with the grand mean of 4.12. Historically, this is the first time the accrediting agency have awarded such level to a first time candidate. Others have attained level III during the second time of accreditation.

The award made the institution eligible to conduct visit to its programs submitting for preliminary survey. It brings prestige to the university, confirming its staus as the premier university of the region and of the country.

The success of the insitutional evaluation is a result of the collaborative efforts of the task forces chaired by the Deans, Directors and Division Chiefs who prepared the documents for exhibits and the presentations for the fora.

Before the actual evaluation of the institution, BU subjected itself for consultancy visit last November 10 – 11, 2019 with AACCUP consultants Dr. Marcela Caluscosin and Dr. Divina Gracia De Guzman.

There were eleven institutional accreditors during the visit who were former SUC presidents and vice presidents and considered to be the senior accreditors of AACCUP. They were Dr. Luis M. Sorolla Jr., Dr. Socorro O. Bohol, Dir. Aurora E. Casuga, Dr. Marcela T. Caluscosin, Dr. Divina Gracia M. De Guzman, Dr. Luzviminda A. Rodrin, Dr. Evelyn C. Cruzada, Prof. Alicia C. Esguerra, Dr. Conrado  L. Abraham, and Dr. Maria Glenda O. De Lara. 

The following are the areas or components evaluated in the institution with the corresponding weights:

Area I – Governance  and Management                                                 – 20

Area II – Teaching,  Learning and Evaluation                                         – 15

Area III – Faculty                                                                                               – 10

Area IV – Research                                                                                          – 10

Area V – Extension, Consultancy, and Linkages                                    – 10

Area VI – Support to Students                                                                    – 10

Area VII – Library                                                                                              – 10

Area VIII – Infrastracture and Other Learning Resources                 – 10

Area IX – Quality Assurance Culture                                                         – 5

Campus included in the accreditation are the BU Main Campus (East and West) and Daraga Campus. Other external campuses were not included.

Based on Article II, Sec. 3 of CHED Memorandum Order No. 1, s. 2005, institutional accreditation is an evaluation of a whole educational institution of which the guidelines and standards shall be formulated in collaboration with the existing federation/networks of accrediting agencies to be approved by CHED. For Bicol University, the accrediting body was the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP).  The prerequisites for the Institutional Accreditation which were complied with are: (a) all programs are accredited Level 1, or (b) at least 75% of the programs of the university are accredited level 1 and the rest are at any level of accreditation.