Communication and Public Relations Office


A World-class University Producing Leaders and Change Agents for Social Transformation and Development

Mission: The Bicol University shall primarily give professional and technical training, and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the science and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological researches (R.A. 5521, Sec. 3.0).


            The Communication and Public Relations Office (CPRO) of Bicol University under the Office of the President is the University's arm in the development, enhancement, and maintenance of a good public reputation and relations through production of relevant media grounded on the fluidity of communication among its clients, various stakeholders, and partners.

The BU-CPRO shall have the primary function of coordinating the dissemination of information to the public in order to build a positive and strong relationship between the University and its various stakeholders (Chapter 5, Section 7; BU Code 2016). Anchored on Bicol University's vision of producing leaders and change agents for social transformation and development, the CPRO intends to:

  1. Form and maintain a strong and positive public image of Bicol University by establishing meaningful relations among its clients, various stakeholders and partners;
  2. Create and maintain a good reputation of Bicol University among its immediate clients and beyond by clearly communicating and presenting vital information of its services, and overall operation in the best possible light; and
  3. Generate and preserve a positive public image for Bicol University by creating a strong relationship with its clients, partners, and stakeholders that will influence their opinions and decisions forging favorable relations to the BU community which will in turn, produce and contribute to clientele satisfaction.


            The Office shall:

  1. Maintain the website of the University in coordination with the Information and Communications Technology Office;
  2. Prepare information materials and news updates about the University for dissemination to relevant public and stakeholders;
  3. Coordinate with other units/offices of the University concerning information dissemination;
  4. Produce messages, press, news releases and official statements for media and partner agencies and other organizations;
  5. Participate in and/or organize various public events, conferences, conventions, awards and other relevant events significant to maintaining good public relations for Bicol University;
  6. Develop promotional and advertising tools utilizing various media such as social media networks, blogs, website, video, and publications to give the target audience a better insight into Bicol University's activities, products, and services as well as increase publicity;
  7. Document Bicol University's good products and practices with particular emphasis on its research and community engagements as concrete exemplars of its vision and mission;
  8.  Establish control over issues and situations and protect the organization's good reputation and relations; and
  9. Perform other functions as may be assigned by the University President.