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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

9th BU President

Towards a University for Humanity

On March 9. 2023, Bicol University welcomed its 9th university president. Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin D, Nebres III as the newly appointed Bicol University president envisioned a “University for Humanity characterized by productive scholarship, transformative leadership, collaborative service, and distinctive character for sustainable societies.” Inspired by the legacy of previous academic leaders, Pres. Benjie has set out to infuse the core values of the university in BU’s current vision. Among his priorities are Intensifying responsive academe-industry-community instruction, research, development, extension, and production engagements particularly focusing on accelerating market-ready services and products of research.

       Advocating quality and inclusive education to build sustainable societies, Bicol University is now a member of the UNESCO-recognized Legazpi City Global Network of Learning Cities. On October 18, 2023, because of its strong advocacy for Global Citizenship Education, BU was recognized as Regional Hub for Global Citizenship Education program and initiatives.

      One of the landmark policies enacted as part of its current vision of a University for Humanity, is the Equity Policy on admissions for marginalized sectors which ensures fair and equitable entry to students from GIDCA, IPs, and financially challenged families.

       Bicol University continues its journey towards inclusive and quality education in a constantly changing education landscape.