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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

4th BU President

The Pathfinder

Dr. Lylia Corposal-Sena, the fourth university president, took the bold step to expand BU’s academic, research, and extension endeavors and pursued the democratization of tertiary and advanced education without sacrificing quality education, with a vision to “Serve as a Creative Catalyst of Change and Dynamic Center of Excellence in Promoting Equity through Meaningful, Relevant, and Quality Education based on a Value System Geared towards Holistic Development of Bicolanos.”

       At this point, the university offered 49 curricular programs while continuing to develop and expand, which increased the number of enrollees. The changing demands of the times paved the way for the establishment of the BS Forestry Program in 1993; hence, the College of Agriculture was renamed “College of Agriculture and Forestry.” Likewise, the College of Fisheries was restructured to be the BU Tabaco Campus. The following year, the Science Teaching Center hosted by BU was made a component unit of the university. Within a span of three years, the BU Gubat Campus was converted into a Bicol University Extension Program, similar to that of Camp Crame. Also, in 1995, the Computer Science Institute was born in response to the extreme mobility of Communication and Information Technology

       As the pathfinder, Dr. Sena intensified the income-generating projects of the university. She expanded the university’s distance learning through the approval of the BU Open University. During her presidency, the Alumni Relations Center was also established, the BU Center for Peace and Security Studies was founded, as well as the BU Extension Program in Gubat, Sorsogon.

       In 1994, the College of Fisheries was restructured into BU Tabaco Campus. The following year, the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Physical Education, Sports, and Recreation were created. BU Gubat Campus then opened its doors in 1996 and BUCELS I and BUCELS II were integrated into a single campus, now known as BUCEILS.

       In 1998, Bicol University was recognized by DBM Standards as SUC Level IV for its testament and strong commitment to quality education and services.