The BU Language Center

The Language Center, located at the ground floor of the Multipurpose Building of the Bicol University College of Arts & Letters, is an academic support service of Bicol University that conducts specialized projects and language training programs for all members of the University and the community who wish to enrich their communication skills.

 Supportive of regional and national development goals for global competitiveness, the Language Center supports the teaching and learning of languages and serves the growing language instruction needs not covered by the regular programs and activities of established departments.


A World-Class University Producing Leaders and Change Agents for Social Transformation and Development.


The goal of the Language Center is to promote language teaching and strengthen language learning at Bicol University; by developing relevant cultural and language programs/projects, engaging in research and extension activities, providing speech services in line with the latest  technology in language learning, advance professional development of the language faculty, and help students acquire effective language proficiency and multi-cultural awareness, to be nationally and globally responsive , competitive and productive.


The aforecited vision is rooted in Bicol University's mandate as provided in RA. 5521 which is to give professional and technical training and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological research. (sec. 3.)


  1. Conduct short & long-term projects, programs & innovations for the Language Center;
  2. Provide the University speech and language services, and ensure proper maintenance of equipment and improvement of the Speech Laboratory;
  3. Promote the study of local & foreign languages like Bikol, Filipino, English, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Nihongo, Korean, German, French, Italian, and  Arabic to a larger clientelle;
  4. Initiate in-service trainings for teaching & non-teaching personnel; of the University and other public and private institution to enhance their communications skills;
  5. Engage in the development and implementation of research and extension programs on language and culture in the University & the Bicol region; and
  6. Establish joint ventures with foreign and local business, media, government & non-government organizations for the promotion of cultural awareness and communicative competence through language learning.


The growing number of diverse opportunities for growth and development across the world in line with communication, business, education, information technology, medicine and other service areas advances the need for learning foreign languages among workers in and out of the country.

 Knowledge of other languages, other than Filipino and English provides a person with many advantages in the national and global market. It improves and expands his horizons and increases his chances for admission to better job opportunities. He becomes an “active part of the world” responsive to its demands, needs and changes.


The BU Language Center course offerings are open to BU and Non-BU students, professionals, non-working individuals and interested parties.