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LUCKY 3: BUCENG alumni completes 3 PRC licenses; lands 3rd rank in latest exams

August 29, 2023

After successfully passing two licensure exams – Mechanical Engineering and Master Plumber, John Patrick Marcaida, a Bicol University graduate from the College of Engineering, has completed three licenses, adding the latest Certified Plant Mechanic license, where he remarkably emerged as the 3rd highest ranked among the 187 takers. 

When news about his latest license results was released, Patrick was shocked and ecstatic  when he recalled the moments he learned about it. 

“I didn’t really expect anything, to be honest,” he admitted. “I tried avoiding any news or updates from PRC on the expected day of the result.”

Messages then started popping out from his group chats.But nobody  was mentioning or tagging him at that time. 

“I kept scrolling up to see the screenshot of the list. I first noticed the school name ‘Bicol University’, and I already knew that it was me since I’m the only one who took the exam from BU and when I looked at the name column, there it was, in capital letters (in the 3rd place), PATRICK JOHN MARCAIDA.”

His anxiety turned into excitement, happiness, and pride. 

“I can’t physically control myself and felt like I was going to explode but I didn’t. It was just pure joy, and happiness and I kept looking at the list thinking that maybe I just imagined it but there it really was.”

His mother was the most shocked because not only did Patrick hide that he was reviewing for CPMLE, but that he was also a topnotcher.


An Ordinary Joe

When asked about his journey at BUCENG, like any ordinary student, Patrick also faced challenges. 

“I actually failed 3 subjects during my stay at BUCENG. But despite all of that, I still managed to graduate on time, although I attended 2 consecutive summer classes and had an overload of subjects during my 5th-year second sem stay.”

Patrick added that he was never part of any sports-related or extracurricular activities. He focused more on his academics.


Navigating Solo

Juggling his part-time job and exam preparations posed its own set of challenges for Patrick. However, his part-time work allowed him the flexibility needed to allocate time for both endeavors.

As the sole taker from BU, Patrick’s approach in preparation for CPM was discipline and consistency. 

“I had a daily goal. It’s either 3-4 hours of reading or 250 answered items, and I stop whenever I accomplish any of the two. Also, never skip a day without reviewing and reading, but there can be exceptions, especially when you’re sick,” he said. “Focus on your review. Always aim for the top and remember your goal.”

The topnotcher added that it is also important to be healthy and to take some breaks. 

“Watch a few Tiktoks, take a nap, go to the mall, hang out with friends, and then review again once you feel refreshed or ready,” he advised. 

His journey serves as a reminder that consistent effort, combined with strategic breaks, can yield remarkable results.


Overcoming Obstacles

Marcada’s path to success was not without its challenges. He shared a particularly memorable obstacle he faced during the second day of the CPMLE. He recalled waiting for transportation to the testing site, fearing he might miss the exam entirely due to a late start. Through a stroke of luck and determination, he managed to arrive just in time. 

“I was able to ride a jeepney going to the route that I was going to, and luckily I did get there just before they closed the gates. Other examinees were already in the room, and I was there walking in the empty and quiet hallway just sweating profusely and thanking God that I still managed to get there on time.”


MechEng Trinity License 

Patrick’s decision to pursue the CPMLE was driven by his aspiration to complete the trio of board examinations available for Mechanical Engineering graduates. 

“MELE, MPLE, and CPMLE are the three board examinations that we can take,” he explained. He emphasized that his interest in pursuing these licensure exams was driven by a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of completing a set goal.


Uncharted Path Ahead

When asked about his post-exam plans, Patrick admitted that he remains open to exploring different avenues and industries. His focus is to complete the three licenses, which he has already achieved, and maintain a pragmatic outlook on his professional journey.

Surprisingly, Patrick confessed that he was not fueled by a single source of inspiration but rather was self-motivated and driven by his personal goals, with a surplus of free time.  | by Arnold C. Noda, MPS 1 – CPRO