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Mariel Reyes is finalist of The Clash 2023

June 5, 2023

Mariel Rose T. Reyes is making waves in the music industry as she made it to the finals of a televised national singing contest, The Clash 2023, which aired on GMA 7.

Mariel is a fourth-year BUeño at the Institute of Physical Education, Sports, and Recreation (IPESR). She has been making a name for herself as a working student since 14, determined to support her family while pursuing her studies and career.

Dubbed the ‘Sexy Songstress,’ Mariel’s exceptional talent, unwavering persistence, and unyielding determination brought her from the Top 30, down to elimination, to being a ‘Clashbacker.’ Finally, she has earned her place as one of the final four clashers of the show.

“It was unpredictable. In all honesty, I didn’t really think I would place in the top 30 when I was still auditioning for the show because there were youngsters my age who could sing well… I didn’t think I had a chance to advance to the finals when I was eliminated. Still, I fought and came back as a clash-backer, landing a spot in the top 4,” she shared.

In the final showdown, Mariel found herself in the company of other remarkable performers: ‘Feisty Diva’ Arabelle dela Cruz, ‘Baby Girl Biritera’ Liana Castillo, and ‘Simpatikong Bokalista’ Rex Baculfo.

Mariel’s journey to the finals of The Clash has been truly remarkable. Her powerful and soulful voice has captivated both the judges and the audience alike. Each of her performances has garnered widespread praise for its emotional depth and captivating execution.

When asked about her favorite performances, Mariel highlighted ‘Di Na Natuto’ and ‘Alipin Ako.’ These songs allowed her to showcase her talent and reach new heights in her musical journey.

“I felt the fire within me—the fire that would make me set foot on the top of The Clash,” she said.

Since it was a televised reality show, Mariel couldn’t help but read the comments from viewers, particularly when she returned as a Clashbacker. Netizens on social media also expressed their admiration for Mariel’s exceptional skills as a performer.

YouTube user Ajay Sison described her as the “Sentimental Clasher of all time,” breaking expectations and continuously impressing throughout the competition.

Rosilta Llagas expressed gratitude for Mariel’s return, acknowledging her incredible talent.

Clarence, another online commentator, praised Mariel’s passion, her love for family, and the inspiration she provides to others. Clarence also expressed prayers for Mariel’s success in her career.

Even YouTube vloggers joined in praising Mariel’s performances in a reaction video.

KJ Avelino Vlogs commended her flawless execution, claiming that she owned the song.

Vlogger David Llañas marveled at her clean high notes as he replayed the impressive moments.

The overwhelming support and kind words from people who found inspiration in her performances filled her with joy and a sense of victory.

“I really appreciate all their comments. Sometimes I would cry out of joy when they would say that I was inspiring them, and they could see how strong I am. With these people supporting me, I already felt like I’d won,” she shared.

Despite her demanding schedule during the competition, Mariel managed to maintain her commitment to her studies as a graduating student. She diligently submitted requirements and caught up on any missed activities.

“Despite being tired and sore from all the activity I have, I want to make sure that I will complete my studies because I promised my parents I would graduate and that my career in music won’t stop me from getting the degree I want to pursue,” she said.

Mariel’s success in reaching the finals of The Clash not only brings pride to Bicol University but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and students throughout the country.

“To all BUeños, please don’t lose hope. It took me 6 years to boost my confidence before I was ready to show my talent to the whole world. Maybe now is not the right time for you, but I’m pretty sure that God has greater plans for those who are patiently waiting their turn. Nothing is impossible as long as you pray and believe in the Lord. Padayon lang.”

Mariel has already made a significant impact and has solidified her place as a rising star in the music industry. Her passion, dedication, undeniable talent, and endless support from her family and friends will definitely propel her toward a successful career in the music industry.

This is not Mariel’s first taste of the spotlight, as she previously showcased her singing prowess on another popular talent show, It’s Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan, where she made it to the quarter-finals in 2021. (by Arnold C. Noda, MPS 1- BUCPRO)