Mode of Instructional Delivery

The course modules are the basic medium of instructional delivery. These are prepared by Module Development Teams consisting of writers, readers, instructional design specialists, and language editors drawn from the faculty complement of the University. Other instructional materials like video clippings and the like shall also be used in the process of course delivery. Actual delivery of these course modules is taken care of by Faculty-in-Charge (FIC) and tutors. Each course or subject has a FIC or course supervisor who ensures the attainment of the objectives of the course and who rates or evaluates the performance of distance education students. Performance of students enrolled in the distance education mode is assessed through submitted assignments, exercises and activities, and supervised examinations. Tutorial sessions are part of the course delivery system of the open university/distance education mode. These are designed to facilitate clarification of topics/issues and ensure informed discussions among module users. Tutorial sessions shall, therefore, be held at the BUOU Office at least once a month or depending on the students need. Facilitating thesesessions shall, therefore, be held at the OU Office with the FICs and/or tutors who will be the link with the learners.