Admission to any of the aforementioned graduate programs thru open university/distance education mode is governed by the following admission requirements:

  1. Applicants must be holders of an appropriate bachelor's degree from any recognized institution.
  2. Filing of an application in writing at the BU Graduate School or BUOU together with a copy of the official transcript of records. Applicants must meet the specific admission requirements of a particular degree program aside from satisfying a general weighted average of 2.2 or better.
  3. Payment of a non-refundable admission fee of P100.00 and Distance Learning Fee of P 1,500 upon enrollment.
  4. A foreign student applicant from a country where the medium of instruction is not English must present a Certificate of English Proficiency from nformer Professor or Chairman of the University English Department, while TOEFL score of at least 460 ism required for admission.


The regular academic load of students in the mOpen University is 12 units per semester for full-time graduate students, nine (9) units for part-time students and not more than six (6) units during mid-year. Government employeeswho are not full-timestudents, mshall not exceed the prescribed nine (9) units academic load during any school term. However, a student may be allowed to carry more than the regular academic load under justifiable circumstances.


To earn a degree in any of the aforementioned curricular programs, a student must pass a course work of 36 or 39 units for master's program and 60 units for doctoral program. All students are required to complete a 6-unit master's thesis/12-unit doctoral dissertation where they study and analyze a particular problem/s in their field of ninterest. A student will earn the degree in 2 to 3 years time for master's program and 4 to 5 years time for doctoral program. Furthermore, it is dependent on his/her classification, either part-time or full-timestudent. The maximum length of time permitted by the Graduate School to complete any of the master'sprogram is five (5) years and seven (7) years for doctoral program after which a readmission is required.


A student is recommended for graduation mupon satisfying the following: (a) completion of all macademic courses leading to the degree; (b) passing mthe written comprehensive examination;  (c) passing the mfinal oral examination of the thesis; (d) submission of six bound copies of the thesis within the prescribed period; and (e) presentation of a clearance.