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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines


To the members of the Bicol University family: Warmest Welcome to another academic journey of learning anchored on faith and hope!

Faculty, staff, students – as I welcome each of you to another academic year in this continuing pandemic, let me remind you of this dictum: No progress is ever possible without making decisions.

Each day is a decision-making day. Even when we do not hold managerial or administrative positions and designations, we are always in the process of managing – whether that means managing our life, or that of others – the clear point is, we are managers in a world of options and decisions. We are leaders either of our on life – or others, and even the larger community. The choices we make, will ultimately affect others.

One of the best options, Bicol University decided to adopt, is the transition from Flexible Learning to Blended Learning. This transition simply means we need to constantly evolve with the changing education landscape of our times. I am happy and thankful that we have evolved to face-to-face or on-site learning as part of our blended mode.

Today, more than ever, your decision-making is essential to the way we manage teaching and learning. In this new normal, nothing is more important than or as relevant as the way we choose our teaching and learning modality. In this instance, the current and probably the best practice is the blended learning. However, what has been highlighted by this pandemic is our transition to Digital Education.

Slowly, we seem to have transitioned well to the point that we are no longer extremely afraid of technology, even as we continue to battle with its accessibility. We have in fact, conquered our fears and ventured into getting to know the advantages of digital education to the point that we have devised various ways of optimizing it in the context of this new normal.

But we have to continuously keep in mind that merely knowing how to use technology or identifying what technology to use for what purpose is not enough. We need to come up with the best possible means of optimizing its use as a platform to enhance our existing teaching and learning modalities. Digital Education – whatever your digital platform is – will enable us to choose well and optimize the way we teach and learn.

Let’s continue working together towards our vision of a “world-class university producing leaders and change agents for social transformation and development.”