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We are now on the third year of the COVID19 pandemic. Just when we thought there might just be the tiniest glimmer of returning to normal, at least in our educational set-up, with majority of our students and personnel vaccinated; we are again in a slump. We are under Alert level 3 – which simply means, even the limited face-to-face classes that most of us are longing for, are again temporarily suspended. We have to go back to the way we were before 2022 started – with the BUCET back to BUCESS, and the at least 30% of the total population in public gatherings. Indeed, the current Omicron COVID19 variant is a frightening reality.

But we have carried on, as one Bicol University united with a common resolve to overcome this dreaded COVID19 virus. As one family, we renew our commitment to our Bicolano scholars, their parents, and our stakeholders, to sustain and further improve on our systems and processes. This year, we have formalized the creation of the University Crisis Management Committee, to ensure that all the necessary protocols for the health and safety of our clients, students, and personnel, will be strictly followed and imposed.

So, to my dear Bicol University family, please stay safe and keep in mind that this, too, shall pass, and with God’s grace, together, we shall overcome all obstacles. Until then, I am one with each of you in prayer for our continued safety and protection, and for an immediate end to this pandemic.

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