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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

Short Message for World Teacher’s Day

Tuesday October 5,2021

As we celebrate this year’s World Teacher’s Day amid the COVID-19 pandemic, may we all tip our hats to our teachers who tirelessly and passionately guide the journey of our students as they navigate a new learning environment.

Taking on the journey as a metaphor for learning, students are like travelers who need teachers as tour guides to lead them through new concepts, ideas and discoveries in world that is undeniably becoming digital. Akin to savvy tour guides, teachers provide the much needed knowledge and wisdom to take their travelers on their unique learning journeys. They provide inspiration, encouraging those who face a steep learning curve, to continue the journey despite the winding roads and potholes along the way. Tour guides remind the travelers that learning is a journey. As such, “arriving at a destination” is not the end goal as learning is a continuous process.

To the 632 efficient and passionate teachers of Bicol University, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to your commitment to provide “world-class” education to our students even in the midst of the crisis. Thank you for your sacrifices and willingness to adopt new learning pedagogies in order to adapt to the new learning environment.

To all the BUeños, may you all find the time to thank your teachers for their inspiring dedication in making this world a better place.

Happy World Teacher’s Day!