Office of Student Affairs and Services

The Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) of the Bicol University is in charge of the provision of the Student Personnel Services (SPS), an integrated comprehensive system of co-curricular services and activities aimed at contributing to the fulfillment of the University's mission statement. The OSS works alongside the academic colleges and units in the development of well-balanced and rounded students through the promotion of their general welfare. Its mission is to promote student's access, welfare, achievement, development and postgraduate success. The OSS also offers services to students to help them cope more effectively with the many facets of university life which can affect academic work: financial aids, health services, individual and/or group counseling, career planning, procedures for redressing grievances, standards for student's conduct, due process in the event of disciplinary action and advice/assistance in time of trouble. A variety of programs and activities are offered by OSS to provide opportunities to students to become involved in campus life outside the classroom: orientation of new students, students' organizations, student publication and events of special interest.

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