Pre-service education seminar highlights Filipino values in teaching profession

Friday November 9,2018

Themed “#Positive Filipino Values: Tools for Becoming Agents of Transformation in the Academe and Community”, Bicol University’ Center for Teaching Excellence (BU-CTE) and the College of Education (BUCE) opened their Pre-Service Education Seminar and Teaching Demonstration Festival last November 07 at the BU College of Engineering (BUCEng) Gymnasium and BUCE Integrated Laboratory School (BUCEILS).

Realized specifically through the Experiential Learning Office, the gathering is a three-day event, from November 07 to 09. The activity aims to promote excellence in teaching and learning, especially among the Teacher Education students of the university, through teaching demonstrations by all the ILS faculty members including a seminar to better prepare the pre-service students in their teaching profession.

The theme “#Positive Filipino Value: Tools for Becoming Agents of Transformation in the Academe and Community” was chosen for highlighting values integration with teaching practice, as the activity also coincides with the celebration of the National Filipinos Values Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 479 dated 07 November 1994.

The first day of the activity was generally dedicated to the Pre-Service Education Seminar. The event began with BUCE Dean Dr. Lorna Miña, delivering the welcomeremarks. The opening program’s keynote speaker was Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan, BU’s Vice-President for Administration and Finance (VPAF), whose talk centered on ‘mainstreaming Values Education in the classroom, and teachers as role models of positive Filipino values.’

There were a series of talks regarding the connection between instilling values and professional teaching, starting with “Values Re-Education: Challenge to the Schools and Educators Amidst a Culture of Violence and Hatred” that was discussed by BU President Dr.Arnulfo M. Mascariñas.

The second discussion for the day was on “Fostering Inclusive Education: Contextualization, Values Education and Responding to Special Need” by BUCE faculty members Prof. Milyn G. Lleva, Prof. Creslita D. Gulosino, and Prof. Ma. CiennaJaucian.

This was respectively followed by BUCE faculty member Prof. Ma. Elena C. Ahorro’s lecture about “Positive Discipline and Handling Students’ Misbehaviour” and Prof. Sixto O. Orrzales’ discussion on “Teaching Strategies on 21st Century Learners”.

In the afternoon, after all lectures have concluded, the participants were given their formal orientation for their upcoming teaching demonstration this November 09. After the seminar, the students were given a full day to prepare their lesson plans before their teaching demos scheduled at BUCE Integrated Laboratory School (BUCEILS) Elementary and High School. Demonstration lessons were done by the pre-service teachers for both elementary and high school classes.