Newly hired BU profs and instructors participate in Teaching Induction Program

Monday July 15,2019


Forty-seven (47) newly hired professors and instructors attended the training for the Teaching Induction Program of Bicol University on July 01-05, 2019. In this week-long event, those in attendance participated in a series of lectures, open forums and workshops based on fifteen crucial topics.

Following its mandate to enhance the competencies of Bicol University’s teachers especially in terms of their instruction functions, the BU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) gathered the university’s newly hired professors and instructors for their Teaching Induction Program last July 01 to 05 at the ADS Function Hall in Legazpi City.

According to BU-CTE, after the initial implementation of the induction program in 2018, the newly hired faculty members strongly requested for a parallel activity. Generally, the said activity is aimed at enhancing the newly hired teachers’ adjustment to the rigors of the academic functions of teaching, research and extension, in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for the delivery of services.

Part of the Teaching Induction Program focuses on the BU-CTE’s Teaching Enhancement Program –a comprehensive range of programs which aim to enrich, inform and improve the instructional competency of BU faculty members by adequately preparing them for their functions in the university.

Teaching Induction Program

In the first day of the activity, the participants were welcomed by BU Vice President for Research Development and Extension (VPRDE) Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan, who gave the opening remarks, and Prof. Edgardo S. Besmonte, who led the presentation of the participants.

BU President Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas was also present during the opening of the program, where he also delivered a motivating message for the participants. Then, the president’s message was followed by the ‘Levelling of Expectations’ and ‘Setting of Pace’, which was done by Prof. Besmonte right before the training officially began.

The first topics discussed during the first day was about the ‘Philosophy of Teaching and Learning’ and the ‘Teaching Profession Policies’, which were taught by BU College of Education Dean Dr. Lorna M. Miña and Associate Dean Dr. Maria Teresa M. Abainza.

After the lunch break, the professors and instructors listened to Prof. Laarni D. Pancho and Dr. Salvacion L. Garcera, who talked about the ‘BU Learning Management System’ and the ‘21st Century Teaching and Learning’ respectively.

On the second day of the program, BU-CTE Director Dr. Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio refreshed the participants’ knowledge about ‘Instructional Design and Curriculum Development’, as well as the ‘Principles and Strategies of Teaching’.

In the afternoon, BUCE’s Dr. Marcia Corazon P. Rico shared her knowledge on ‘Test Construction’, while Dr. Irene R. Moral lectured on the ‘Art of Questioning’. To ensure the new professors and instructors are aligned with academic results targeted by the university, BU Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Helen M. Llenaresas also discussed the system of ‘Outcomes-based Education’.

Dr. Ruby Ann L. Ayo’s discussed the ‘Principles and Types of Assessment on the third day. In the afternoon, the learning session’s initial discussion was on ‘Developing Rubic’ by Dr. Bercasio.

The teachings continued with Dr. Leonila B. Barbacena’s lecture on the ‘BU Grading System and Reporting’, and Prof. Daves L. Tonga’s talk about the ‘Statistics for Analysis of Assessment Results’.

To keep the participants’ teaching ideas in line with modern times, Dr. Bercasio talked about the various ‘Trends in Education’ as the initial topic of the program’s four day. Her lecture was followed by a discussion about ‘ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning’ by Dr. Aries Perez and about the ‘Integration of GAD in Teaching’ by Prof. Elaine I. Salazar.

In the final day of the activity, the participants did teaching demonstrations and presented their outputs from the workshops from the past four days. They also gave their own insights regarding each discussed topic.

The program concluded with the distribution of certificates for those who were able to complete the training, headed by BU-CTE Director Dr. Bercasio, VPRDE Dr. Dorosan, and BU Human Resource Management and Development Office (HRMDO) Director Dr. Jennifer T. Barrameda.