Japanese engineering firm visits BU for waste-to-energy plant proposal

Friday June 28,2019


In line with their goal of proliferating the use of clean energy, five representatives of the Iwa Besu Corporation’s Magma Co. Ltd. from Japan visited Bicol University last June 26 to speak with the university heads and propose the installation of a waste-to-energy (WTE) plant in the university.

In the morning of the said date, BU welcomed Magma Co. Ltd. President Dr. Shoichi Kume, along with Dr. Masami Ueno, Dr. Miyatake, Mr. Yuichi Ono and Country Representative PH Mr. Noel Dumaop. The Magma Co. Ltd. is an engineering firm, based in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan.

The purpose of the group’s visit to the university is propose their plans to design and manufacture a WTE plant for BU, which utilizes a melt-down process called Ultra-High Temperature Reduction Fusion and Gasification Technology. According to them, this is part of their waste management and power generation ventures that Iwa Besu Corporation is working on.

Magma Co. Ltd. has also collaborated with government offices, including the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in collaborative studies for designing the WTE plant that is being proposed to BU.

To hear out their proposal, they were met by BU President Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, Vice President for Research Development and Extension (VPRDE) Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan, Research Development and Management Division (RDMD) Director Dr. Luis O. Amano, Extension Management Division (EMD) Director Dr. Lester M. Narvaez, College of Engineering Dean Dr. Amelia B. Gonzales, College of Nursing Dean Dr. Maria Bernardita A. Palacio, College of Medicine Dean Dr. Ruben N. Caragay, College of Industrial Technology Dean Dr. Jonathan C. Arroco, and College of Science Associate Dean Prof. Jayson Lucilo (representing Dean Prof. Jocelyn A. Serrano).

As BU have always welcomed innovative ways of using clean alternative energy, as well as measure that can improve solid waste management, the leaders of the university welcomed the visitors with eagerness. They listened intently to the proposal as they are being presented by the visiting academicians.

Though a finalized partnership between the two parties is still subject for further discussions, BU and Magma Co. Ltd. has gained an understanding, though their common advocacies, for possible future partnerships.