BUTC researchers conduct Eel Forum in Albay, Camarines Sur, and Catanduanes

Wednesday September 11,2019

The Project Staff under the DOST-PCAARRD project on “Eel Fishery in Tributaries along Lagonoy Gulf: Implications for Conservation and Management” headed by Dr. Plutomeo M. Nieves, sponsored a series of Eel Forum designed to share and dissemination research outputs to various stakeholders about eel fishery in the Lagonoy Gulf.

The forum was held last August 27 at the Lavilla Hall of Bicol University Tabaco Campus (BUTC), last August 28 at the 2nd Floor of the Partido State University (PSU) Canteen in Goa Camarines Sur, and on August 30 at the Accreditation Room of the Catanduanes State University in Virac, Catanduanes.

The highlight of the forum is centered on the presentation of research outputs relative to the species found, the potential eel fishing grounds, the traditional fishing gears used, post-harvest handling practices, and a glimpse of the supply and value chain.   

Finding of the study reveals the presence of Anguilla marmorata and A. bicolor pacifca species in major rivers along LG. Fishing for food using traditional gears such as traps, hook & line, spears, spear gun to name a few are used including ichthyotoxic plants (i.e. tuba-tuba, tubli and bayati). Unfortunately, electro-fishing was verified as the most destructive gears still use despite its prohibition under existing fisheries laws.  Along post-harvest handling, the practice is similar to milkfish while supply and value chain for glass eels is difficult to establish and limited to gatherers up to buyers.

The forum provided a window for interaction and information exchange among LGUs and SUCs partners for future linkage and opportunities for management and conservation as well as technological development. (Dr. Plutomeo M. Nieves -BUTC)