BUCBEM to hold seminar-workshop to mainstream gender, development in instruction

Monday March 28,2022

Guided by the national policy that “the cost of Implementing GAD programs shall be at least five percent (5%) of the agency’s total budget appropriations”, the College of Business, Economics and Management (CBEM) is set to incorporate Gender and Development (GAD) in its function that is given the largest percentage of the budget appropriations- instruction.

The process shall start with the conduct of the 2022 BUCBEM Seminar-Workshop On Incorporating GAD Concepts In Instruction on May 2-6, 2022 at E-Hall, BUCBEM, Daraga, Albay.

The 5-day Seminar-Workshop aims to identify GAD concepts that could be incorporated in instruction; identify and analyze the general educations courses (GEC), and common business management education courses (CBMEC) offered to all CBEM programs/majors and the major/professional courses unique to each CBEM program/major, and the appropriate GAD concepts integrable; analyze the parts of the course syllabus where GAD concepts are integrable; develop and incorporate GAD concepts in the identified courses and syllabus parts; determine the time (hours) per week, per semester, per year that will be allotted to GAD concepts per subject on the basis of the “at-least-five-percent” policy calculate the total GAD budget and percent allotted to gender mainstreaming in the curricula in BUCBEM.

The event, which will be harmonized by the College’s GAD Coordinator Prof. Imelda A. Siapno, will invite the Director for the Center for Gender and Development Dr. Noel Rafer and shall be participated by all Department Chairpersons and Faculty Members.