MascariƱas to new USC-CSC officers: BU admin, student orgs are partners

Wednesday June 1,2022


In his message during the oath-taking and induction of the newly-elected University Student Council (USC) and College Student Council (CSC) officers, BU President Arnulfo M. Mascariñas told the young leaders that the administration and the student body are not “opposing poles” but rather partners in achieving common goals.

The president also recalled when all of the former USC Chairpersons during his incumbency came to “minor disagreements in certain policy issues, we found a way to agree for the greater influence of the student organizations.”

One hundred eighty-nine student-elect leaders were present both physically held at the Aquilino P. Bonto Building, Amphitheater and virtually via Zoom teleconferencing on May 31, 2022.

With strict observation of health and safety protocols, the program commenced with welcome remarks from Dr. BB Benjamin D. Nebres, Dean of the Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) followed by the induction proper and oath-taking ceremonies.

Like the outgoing USC officers, the BU President’s term will end in less than a year. But in addition to his message, he imparted wisdom in leadership. He shared Albert Einstein’s quote, “A leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity.”

The president furthered that the scientist’s quote is his advocacy during his incumbency. As leaders of the institution, he believes that leadership must make situations simpler and provide solutions to problems and “out of discord – harmony and out of difficulty – opportunity.”

Afterwards, outgoing USC Chairperson Marc Louie A. Aler was also given an opportunity to deliver his statement of challenge to the newly-elects. The incumbent USC Chair advised the incoming officers to consider the voice of the minority. He also called them to identify 10 problems in their colleges and present solutions as the representatives of student body. He further challenged the other officers to perform more of what they are expected to do.

For the statement of commitment, incoming USC Chairperson Asher Jade T. Azul represented the new officers.

“Anything is possible with pure intention, strong heart, and a call for service,” Azul mentioned in her opening message. She believes that their path in leading the student body will not be easy without the guidance of their predecessors. She expressed her privilege and honor to serve the highest governing student body of the university leading more than 25,000 BUeños, in her acceptance speech.

The solidarity ceremony was then conducted where both outgoing and incoming USC officers were present with the BU admin as they stood in front of the audience holding the iconic BU flag – a symbol embedded to represent leaders of the university.

Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan, VP for Academic Affairs, was also in attendance giving a message on leadership. She was followed by Prof. Daves L. Tonga, Director of the University Student Development Services, for the closing remarks.

The event concluded with the singing of the BU Hymn. Joshua D. Onsay, a student from the College of Arts and Letters, served as the emcee of the program. (written by Arnold C. Noda, CPRO)