DBM, BTr and BU team-up for Twinning Arrangement

Thursday July 26,2018

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Bicol University and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) was signed last June 14, solidifying the partnership between DBM and BU in the implementation of the Public Financial Management Competency Program (PFMCP) Twinning Arrangement.

The PFMC is a competency-based training program that seeks to provide impact on behaviour, attitude, skills and knowledge (BASK), as well as work performance of PFM practitioners. The objective is to address the identified gaps in PFM in the country, particularly the implementation of appropriate capacity development initiatives and learning interventions.

Through the ‘twinning arrangement’, a decision was made to transfer the implementation of the PFMCP to an eligible state university and college (SUC), which in this case, is Bicol University. It is a strategy to expand the reach of the PFMCP to more PFM practicioners.

The participants of the program are personnel, preferably occupying Salary Grades 11 to 22, involved in the functions of planning, budgeting, accounting, procurement, and management of core programs and projects. This is to provide support to agency budget preparation and execution activities, particularly for those new to the job (four years and below).

With the PFMCP, 50 percent of all PFM practitioners in the country are expected to have attended at least one specialty course by year 2022.

In DBM and BTr’s partnership with BU, as implementer of the PFMCP, the program will have four tracks under the twinning arrangement: the foundation track, budgeting and performance track, internal audit track, and the cash management track.

In a two-day BU visit last June 13 and 14, representatives of DBM and the Bureau of Treasury’s (BTr) Bicol Regional Office met up with BU President Dr. Arnulfo Mascariñas, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Helen Llenaresas, Vice President for Administration and Finance (VPAF) Dr. Amelia Dorosan, Vice President for Planning and Development (VPPD) Prof. Jerry Bigornia.

During the visit, the group inspected the facilities of BU College of Science (BUCS) which will be used in the implementation of the PFMC. The MOA between the university, DBM and BTr was signed by the heads and representatives of the said institutions on the following day.

Based on the MOA, DBM will provide the modules for the Foundation, Budgeting and Performance Tracks, and the funds for the transition runs. They will also be monitoring the implementation of the PFMCP and may recommend suitable resource persons.

On the part of BTr, the bureau will provide the modules and materials for the Cash Management Tracks, as well as monitoring and oversight in the implementation of the said track. They will also be conducting initial training sessions for potential resource speaker for the Cash Management Track, and may recommend suitable resource persons to BU.

BU, on the other hand, will be organizing, managing and implementing the PFMCP, along with providing logistical and other requirements needed for the said purpose. Bicol University will also be regularly submitting reports to DBM and BTr regarding the progress of the PFMCP.