BU Alumni Engr. Sallena lands top 3 on 2021 Mining Engineering Licensure Exams;

Monday September 6,2021

BU Alumni Engr. Sallena lands top 3 on 2021 Mining Engineering Licensure Exams; Sallena’s secrets to become topnotcher, revealed

Bicol University College of Engineering alumnus Engr. Rovin Jay B. Sallena landed top 3 with a laudable 87.85 rating among 274 examinees during the 2021 Mining Engineering Licensure Examination announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on August 16, 2021.

In addition, BU was hailed as the Top Performing School with an outstanding 85.29% passing rate with a total of 29 out of 34 new licensed Mining Engineers.

In an interview, Sallena shared that after taking the exam, he told his parents that he will surely be a passer. Little did he know that he will land a top spot among other takers. Raised by a farmer and an online plant entrepreneur, Sallena dedicated his achievement to his parents and said that struggles in life are not hindrances to reach your dreams.

Sallena said that his books were the key that helped him review for the examinations. On the other hand, in a Facebook post Sallena shared tips to be a topnotcher in the midst of the pandemic for those who will take licensure examinations:

1. Preparation is the key

Before I started reviewing, I made a schedule that really helped me maximize my time and cover most of the subjects or topics. It's like planning not only for the exam but also for your future! We need to get that license, so we need to prepare for it!

2. Have Goals

I did not graduate with Latin honor. My GWA went short to qualify for Cum Laude. That moment made me eager to really TOP THE BOARD EXAM! I may seem ambitious but having that goal really helped me to keep myself motivated. My classmates and professors expected me to be a potential topnotcher so that it added pressure but it pushed me to do my best on the exam.

3. Back to Basics

Start your review by going back to your fundamentals. It is best to focus on your foundations because some of the examination questions will revolve on the basics. Know the concepts by heart! Learn to correlate topics with other topics. Lastly, know your strengths and weaknesses. This will guide you on what to focus on.

4. Utilize your Resources

Ask for review materials from previous batch. Unfortunately, no one provided me hard copies of reviewers so I really need to produce my own. Learn by researching topics, reading articles, and even attending lectures available on YouTube or any website about the subjects that you may find helpful in the exam. I admit, Indian professors are the best! Everything is on the internet. You may find summaries in PDF or PPT files. Those really helped me a lot, given that I did not enroll in any review center.

5. Repetition is important

It took us a year before we had our board exam. Due to the pandemic, it was cancelled twice which really affected our review. However, that really didn't stop me from studying. I felt discouraged and unmotivated sometimes but that won't help me from achieving my goals. Actually, I read our fundamental books for 3-4 times. You may ask why but repetition really helped me retain the concepts and understand it more. I just read it again and again.

6. Take Notes

It is best to summarize the topics you have learned every review session. This will make it easy for you to check the concepts when you have forgotten some, so no need to read your books again. Also, some may find it useful to have formulas and concepts posted on the walls, so you can do it too if it works best for you.

7. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice your math skills! Don't just know how to solve it but understand how to solve it! Memorize some useful conversion and formulas! You can also try to answer sample exams if you have. Don't forget to double check the answers because sometimes, answer keys can be wrong.

8. Ask. Teach. Discuss.

We learn by asking. We can't just rely on ourselves. It's okay to ask for help. We can also learn by teaching and discussing topics with your friends or classmates that may also help you get ideas and understand the subjects better.

9. Rest and Relax

Don't feel guilty when you rest or relax. It's okay to take a break. It is important to have plenty of rest than reviewing so hard. Take care of yourself! You can't learn or comprehend thoughts when you're stressing yourself too much. Rest and relax when you feel the need to. Ease your mind and don't overthink.

10. Padagos

Padagos, in Bikol, means "to continue." I know the frustration and anxiety brought by the cancellation of exams. The uncertainty whether it will push through or not really affected our momentum. However, don't be discouraged, just continue. Don't lose hope and stay focused! Small progress is still progress. Padagos lang, future Engineers!

11. Always Pray

Have faith in God. Surrender everything to Him. Trust that everything will be worth it in God's perfect time. Keep calm and don't let fear rule us. Believe that you can! We prepared long for this, let's give it our best shot!



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