65% BU personnel population gets COVID-19 jab; 4th year BUeƱos set for vax

Friday October 8,2021

During the #BicolUConExts2021 Digital Series spearheaded by the Extension Management Division (EMD), College of Science (CS) Dean Prof. Jocelyn Serrano announced in her welcome remarks that Bicol University (BU) had vaccinated 51% of overall teaching personnel and 78% non-teaching personnel as of writing.

The BU Vaccination Team, collaborated by the University Health Services, College of Medicine, College of Science, General Services Office headed by the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance Dr. Joseph L. Bartolata, initiated the COVID-19 jabs on June 18 prioritizing the first one hundred personnel under the A1 group.

The current data does not include those personnel who were vaccinated by their Local Government Units (LGUs), Local Health Units, or any COVID-19 vaccination program outside the university. The BU College of Engineering (CENG) Gymnasium is the accredited COVID-19 Vaccination Facility of the university.

As the chair of the registration committee and reportorial duties, CS, headed by Prof. Jocelyn Serrano, mentioned that at least 182 BU students have already received the COVID-19 jab from the BU Vaccination Team. On the other hand, 400 initial doses of vaccines will be rolled out this October 15, 22, and 29 respectively.

All 4th year BUeños are considered for the COVID-19 shots due to their undergraduate thesis and on-the-job training requirement according to Serrano. Some students who are affected by their current geographical location might also affect their availing the vaccine.  

In Office Memorandum No. 222 released by the Office of the BU President, registration of 4th year students for the COVID-19 vaccine is open until October 8.

Link: https://bit.ly/3iAOURi

(written by: Arnold Noda, CPRO)