BU conducts internal quality audit in preparation for ISO transition

Friday October 5,2018


Ensuring the university’s commitment in adhering to its quality standard, offices and units of Bicol University will be undergoing their four-day internal quality audit this October 05, 08, 09 and 10. Staying true to the BU Quality Policy, the audit will make sure that the university is in line with the latest standard for quality, which is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001-2015.

“In essence, the objective of our internal audit is to check and assist the offices in aligning with our quality management system (QMS), which is even stated in our Quality Policy,” explained Mr. Cyrus Barrameda, head of BU’s Internal Audit Services (BU-IAS).

According to the BU-IAS, the internal audit also looks to raise the readiness of the university for its transition from ISO:9001-2008 to ISO:9001-2015 certification. The audit will be done by selected teaching and non-teaching personnel who will serve as internal quality auditors (IQAs).

The auditors will review and assess the processes and documents of the auditees, identify any lapses so that it can be addressed properly, and even coach the process owner so that these lapses can be avoided. The result of the audit will be collected and discussed during the upcoming management review conference, scheduled later this October.

As the university now eyes the latest ISO:9001-2015 certification, one new aspect that will be given attention to are the office processes, through the risk-based management approach. This update on the ISO identifies the threats that impede the completion and initiation of a work process.

Almost all offices and units in BU, particularly those who had undergone the audit for the ISO:9001-2008 certification and those who perform frontline services, will be undergoing the internal audit.