CBEM recognizes 10 Most Empowered Female Students; Perez tops overall selection

Tuesday March 29,2022

As part of the Women’s Month celebration, the College of Business, Economics and Management (CBEM) selected the Most Empowered Female Student Awardees from its programs/majors through the respective College Student Organizations (CSOs).

Except for the Red Cross Youth, each CSO is the sole representative of the students of the particular program/major. The respective advisers submitted the nominees on the basis of the former’s observation and judgement to the student’s manifestation of empowerment and performance embodying the university’s four pillars- Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

CBEM’s Most Empowered Female Student Awardee was selected on the basis of the major awards received by her CSO last February 15, 2022, with all four pillars concurring.


The Awardees by Program/Major are:

Ms. Mary Joy Partosa, ECOSOC President

Ms. Dianne Faye Alcala, YES President

Ms.  Alona L. Marjalino,  JPIA VP for Academic Affairs

Ms. Francheska Iubelle Perez, JIM President

Ms. Ma. Bernadeth B. Banares, JFINEX President

Ms. Corinne L. Tapit, JPMAP President

Ms. Mae Encisa, JMA External Vice President

Ms. Mia Mae Napocao, MFSO President

Ms.  Charlene B. Arganda, OMC VP for Finance

Ms. Denice Shara Boneo, RCY Member


Based on the exemplary performance of the Junior Institute of Management (JIM) in Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service, its President Ms. Francheska Iubelle Perez was chosen as the Most Empowered Female Student Awardee of the college.