22 academic programs go through AACCUP accreditation

Monday July 16,2018

The 38 accreditors from the Accredited Agency of Chartered Colleges and University of the Philippines (AACCUP) visited Bicol University from July 10 to 13 to conduct their accreditation survey for the 22 academic programs at BU’s Main, Polangui, and Tabaco Campuses.

On July 10, the accreditors were welcomed by the BU family during an opening program. The accreditors, headed by their Overall Director Dr. Marcela Caluscosin, met up with BU’s top brass, headed by University President Dr. Arnulfo Mascariñas.

The opening program became a platform for the AACCUP accreditors to be formally introduced to their counterparts in BU, particularly those who were part of the university’s accreditation task force. The introduction of the BU officials and task force was led by the university’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Helen Llenaresas, while the introduction of the AACCUP accreditation team was done by Dr. Caluscosin.

The accreditors were sub-divided into teams with 16 accreditors who assessed the programs in the Legazpi City campuses, 11 accreditors went to BUPC, while 11 more were assigned to BUTC.

During this four-day accreditation visit, the accreditors assessed the quality and efficiency standard being upheld in 22 academic programs across the university’s three campuses in Albay province. Of these academic programs, four are in the College of Engineering (BUCEng), three are in the College of Industrial Technology (BUCIT), one from the College of Arts and Letters (BUCAL), one in the College of Science (BUCS), six from the Polangui Campus (BUPC), and four from the Tabaco Campus (BUTC).

The programs evaluated in BUCEng are the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Civil Engineering (BSCE), and Chemical Engineering (BSChemEng) -all of whom are having their third AACCUP survey visit. It is also the second AACCUP survey visit in BUCIT for the academic programs of Bachelor of Science in Civil Technology (BSCT), Mechanical Technology (BSMT), and Electrical Technology (BSET).

It is also the second accreditation survey visit for the academic programs in BUPC and BUTC. BUPC’s programs that went through the survey are the Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BSEntrep), Information Technology (BSIT), BSET, BSMT, and Nursing (BSN). For BUTC, the academic programs of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (BSFT), Social Work (BSSW), BSN, and BSEntrep had undergone their second AACCUP survey.

In the main campus, it was the first visit for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) of BUCS. It was also the second AACUP survey visit for the Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting, AB English, AB Speech and Theatre Arts (STA), and Audio-Visual Communication (AVC)  in BUCAL.

During the accreditors’ stay in the campuses they are assigned to survey, they thoroughly evaluated the documents, inspected the campus and its facilities, observed classes, and conducted interviews with the administrators, alumni, parents, and students. Each day of survey concluded with a cluster meeting, wherein the designated teams per academic program discussed and summarized their evaluations and achievements.

On July 13, the week-long accreditation survey concluded with a closing program held at the BUCEng Gymnasium in Legazpi City. Dr. Caluscosin shared the summary of the accreditors’ impressions and comments, based on what they have observed in the university within the past three days.

To show BU’s gratefulness on the accreditation teams’ hard work, Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the accreditors. The awarding was done by the university’s vice presidents: VPAA Dr. Helen Llenaresas, VPAF Dr. Amelia Dorosan, VPPD Prof. Jerry Bigornia, and VPRDE Prof. Ronnel Dioneda Sr., along with the respective Deans of the colleges involved in the accreditation visit.

“Our accreditors have given us their impressions and helpful comments for the improvement of our services in the continuing pursuit of excellence in academic governance,” said Dr. Mascariñas in a video message, as he cannot attend the closing program due to an equally important matter.

“In the name of quality, relevant, and transformative education, we commit to follow through and fully implement all necessary steps for the continued improvement of Bicol University,” declared Dr. Mascariñas in his message of support.

The AACCUP is an accreditation agency in the Philippines with 111 institutional members and, in 20 years until 2012, has accredited almost 3000 academic programs of higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country. In line with the university’s goal of becoming a world-class HEI, having its programs accredited by AACCUP is the next big step in achieving the said goal.