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Tzu Chi grants scholarship to 25 BUeños

September 20, 2022

In an effort to help Bicol University students who are deserving yet disadvantaged in their educational pursuits, Tzu Chi Philippines has pledged to provide financial scholarships to 25 BUeños from the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) and Tabaco Campus (TC) during the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing held on September 23, 2022.

Present in the MOA signing were BU President Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, Atty. Daryl Redoblado, Legal Officer, and Antonio Tan, Head Volunteer of Tzu Chi Philippines.

As stipulated in the agreement, Tzu Chi will conduct the selection of scholars while the university, through the Student Services office, shall endorse 14 applicants from CAF and 11 in TC who are deserving students and has not received any other major scholarship grants.

The select scholars will receive a monthly stipend of ₱1,200/monthly for 10 months, book allowance worth ₱2,000/semester, internet allowance worth ₱500/monthly for 10 months, uniform allowance for 1st and 3rd years and field trips, trainings, and seminars worth ₱1,000/semester, project allowance of ₱1,500/semester and monthly transportation allowance of ₱1,500. The transportation allowance is only eligible for scholars who commute daily to school or lives in a dorm or other type of student dormitory.

For the graduating students, they will additionally receive a thesis allowance of ₱2,000/semester and a ₱1,000 graduation fee allowance.

To avail these benefits, the student must maintain a 2.25 or 82% GWA with no failing grades, incomplete marks, or drops, and should have no more than three absences specifically in Humanities classes per academic year. They must not have any negative academic or community records, have changed schools or courses, or have transferred. Additionally, none of their relatives must have a criminal record, engaged in dishonest behavior, or given inaccurate information during a transaction. Additionally, the student must not be married or become pregnant or impregnate anyone.

In addition, the student must be a bonafide incoming 2nd or 3rd year Filipino student of the university and must belong to the indigent or economically-challenged family that should not exceed ₱500,000 gross annual family income. Their good moral character certificate must be provided by the University Registrar’s Office or the Office of the Student Affairs. | by Arnold C. Noda, CPRO

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