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Rizal Street, Legazpi City,
Albay, Legazpi, Philippines

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Actualization of the highest degree of efficiency, effectiveness, collegiality in decision making and transparency in the administrative system and operation therefore promoting the University’s mandate of quality instruction, research, extension and production.

Provide the highest quality of advanced, specialized and professional training for the students through relevant and responsive curricular programs designated to meet both national and international standards of excellence.

Research and Extension
Leadership in scientific and technological researches and in extension activities to address and support regional and national economic development goals.

Optimization of the resource-generation capacity of the University through academe-based entrepreneurship anchored on thecore competencies of the faculty to support the delivery of quality instruction, research and extension function.


  1. Achieve efficient and effective participatory governance by empowering the deans, directors and department chairmen along academic ang academic-related concerns of their respective units.
  2. Attain the highest level of academic standards through the accreditation of all degree programs.
  3. Direct the formulation of proposals of new and relevant courses and the continuous review of existing curricular offerings, with emphasis on vertical articulation, to produce graduates who are employable in their profession.
  4. Upgrade personnel competence through revitalized continuing professional education under the staff development program of the University.
  5. Raise the percentage of passers in licensure examinations through selective admission and retension policies of the University, quality instruction, and institutionalized review classes.
  6. Work for the ladderized of certain programs.
  7. Be globally competitive through internationalization of the Graduate Programs.
  8. Encourage concerned colleges to work towards becoming Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development.
  9. Support functional library and information system services, guidance and counseling services, and other student services and activities.
  10. Institutionalize, revitalize and strengthen the research and extension activities in all colleges/units by assigning corresponding work equivalent credits.
  11. Optimize the resource-generation capacity of the college/unit through production of textbooks, manuals, workbooks and other instructional materials.
  12. Strengthen alumni and community relations programs.
  13. Establish linkages with other colleges and university and certain government agencies and entities such as CHED, PASUC, DepEd, and TESDA through networking activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attain the highest level of academic standards possible supervising the efficient, effective and transparent operations on the delivery of:
    1. Academic functions of the various colleges/units;
    2. Admission, registration of students and the evaluation of student records;
    3. Guidance and counseling of services;
    4. Library and information system services;
    5. Student services and student activities;
    6. National service Training Programs (NSTP);
    7. Research and Extension functions; and
    8. Alumni and cummunity relations programs
  2. Direct the review, formulation, revision and/or amendment of policies relating to academic matters for approval of the SUC President and endorsement to the Academic Council and to the Boards of Regents;
  3. Oversee the implementation of the approved policies on academic matters including the period monitoring and evaluation of the same and assist in the resolution of issues and problems arising there from;
  4. Advice the SUC President, other Vice Presidents and other Heads of colleges/units regarding legislated and/or mandated changes in the curricular programs emanating from national government agencies and entities such as CHED, PASUC, DepEd, TESDA and initiate the corresponding institutional responses thereto;
  5. Review and recommend for the SUC President’s approval the work and Financial Plans of various colleges and units including their Annual Equipment Procurement Programs (AEPP), in collaboration with the Vice President for Administration, the VP for Production, the University Planning Officer and the Budget Officer;
  6. Conduct periodic review of the college/unit quartely academic-related progress reports vis-a-vis the original work plans for appropriate policy action;
  7. Perform routine functions pertaining to:
    1. Approval of requests for travel on official business or on official time only for a period of eight (8) calendar days to one (1) month of all teaching personnel, upon the recommendation of the concerned Dean or Director;
    2. Approval of requests of students and / or faculty members to go on educational tours or field trips;
    3. Approval of requests of teaching personnel to participate in professional development activities for a period of eight (8) calendar days up to one (1) month, upon the recommendation of the concerned Dean or Director;
    4. Approval of invitations to teaching personnel to act as lecturers, resource speakers, jurors, and the like within the Bicol Region;
    5. Sign the Daily Time Records of the Deans, Directors and other heads of offices directly under the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs;
    6. Review and recommend to the Office of the SUC President the Performance Appraisal Reports of the Heads of Offices under the Office of the Vice President for academic Affairs;
  8. Act as Ex-Officio Chairperson of the University Curriculum Committee, the University Committee on Student Development and the University Committee on Faculty Welfare and Development, and oversee the performance of the functions inherent to each Committee as provided for the University Code;
  9. Evaluate and recommend nominees for Professorial Chair, Professor Emeritus, fellowship and Scholarship Grants, Sabbatical leave for the SUC President’s consideration and endorsement to the Board of Regents;
  10. Represent the SUC President in official functions and/or activities as may be directed;
  11. Preside over meetings of the Academic Council in the absence of the SUC President;
  12. Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the SUC president from time to time.

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